Thursday, July 30, 2015


It is difficult for most American people to understand why there are an unprecedented number of Republican candidates for president all saying the same thing. Their message has not changed since Teddy Roosevelt split the Party with his progressive ideas left Taft and the classic conservatives isolated. Calvin Coolidge reduced the basic conservative pattern while president ending in 1929, which is to destroy government by starving it. Need I point out that after every conservative president starting with Coolidge; we have had an economic downturn in spite of their yelling at the top of their voices that cutting taxes on the rich creates jobs. In an honest election, they would not have a chance based on this history. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, unlimited campaign contributions, bribery of congressional representatives, and other results of nefarious management of the Republican Party by the rich has led this maneuvering of our democracy. It is what will elect them not that they stand for good government. Of course, there are a few among us who live in the conservative fantasyland; American be great without a government—no it can’t. This morning on a TV newscast, I heard a brief clip of an interview with Donald Trump. He was attacking Obamacare with the same tired old Coolidge rhetoric, destroy it, and replace it with something much better. The difference is that Coolidge focused on destroying organized labor. The reason conservatives want to destroy government is their classic, and redundant justification, which is Obamacare is a government program. It is the same reason they want to destroy the IRS, Social Security, Medicare, and Aid to Dependent Children, public education, food stamps, and an arm lengths list of others. In each case, they will replace it with “something better”, which is the classic Republican response to everything “we the people” or the government does. Everyone knows they will never define what that “something better” is because they have no idea what would be better. They define “something better” as anything that is not a government program. We have to decide for ourselves what they mean by that, which is easy. Start with government regulations of any kind. They want to get rid of all government regulation from speed limits to capital regulation on banks that are too big to fail. Each motorist and the bank can decide what is most advantageous for him or her. Think about the IRS. How much taxes would you pay is you could decide how much your tax bill would be to support the government? How much capital would a bank hold if their objective were to maximize profits on loans? The classic conservative wants to preserve the good thing our of the past but they never think about the fact that Adam Smith, the father of the ideas of the societal benefits of individual pursuit of their self-interest, died in 1790, 225 years ago. Ayn Rand more accurately and recently defined the wonderful benefits of greed. Of course, we have to ignore what the effect is on those who do not benefit from the greed of other individuals. This morning Trump made it clear, his solution is to create a situation where everyone has an equal opportunity to buy insurance. That sure sounds like an all-American idea all Republican can back; however, what is missing is the fact they many, many people cannot afford to buy insurance. They cannot afford to buy insurance because the work two jobs at starvation wages paid by greed adherents of Adam Smith’s philosophy. The problem is not that insurance is not available to buy. Nonetheless, Trump went on at length this morning about how with his program would see that hospitals would make they treated all sick people because insurance was available to everyone, like in Canada. Can anyone question why I think the man is an idiot, a greedy conservative idiot? By the way, I learned to call people names from Trump. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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