Monday, June 29, 2015


An amazing wave of appreciation for President Obama swept the country after the Supreme Court’s favorable gay rights decision, the survival of Obamacare, and the TPP agreement. For some of us, this appreciation was long overdue. However, when I look at the narrowness of what they base this appreciation, it is shocking. They list only four things, health care, gay right, TPP, and some go so far as to mention “getting” Osama bin Laden. In my mind, this is only the tip of the iceberg, the list could go on interminably but most importantly opened the road for peace in the Middle East. This President has accomplished the impossible against unbelievable odds. Because removing religion from the table he has set the stage for a lasting impact on world peace, there can be no more important accomplishment than his management of peace in the Middle East. He has not fully accomplished yet, but with the completion of the nuclear limitation agreement with Iran. I have confidence that he will accomplish this in spite of the Israeli Prime Minster’s opposition spurred on by unscrupulous right-wing political operatives who are trying to gain Jewish favor within the United States. Since the beginning of humankind, some people have used religion to create human strife. What religion is, how people teach it, how we interpret and use it is a book-length story that has to be told and retold; however, I will not attempt to tell it here. This incident in the Middle East is just another chapter in that story. What I hope to point out is how President Obama is using his understanding of the part religion plays to change the world in a substantive way, which is not hyperbole. What Obama has done in the Middle East will pave the way to change the world if we can maintain the spirit of his program. I think it is important to understand because there is evidence coming from the Republican politicians that they do not understand what he has done. The alternative explanation is that they want religious strife. It is hard to sort out what they believe and how much of what they say they base on the unfounded hate for the man and or his politics. However, when Benjamin Netanyahu enters the picture, his objective becomes clear. He wants war in the old sense of Kissinger’s “power politicks”, which is now the politics of the neo-cons. Right or wrong, with this philosophy, power rests with military strength: might is right. The only other politician who has faced this problem in the Middle East at its core was the 39th president, Jimmy Carter. His book, Peace Not Apartheid (2006) is a classic, but it is also a target of Zionist propaganda. It was so powerful that it survived Zionist opposition in all places, the New York Time’s bestseller list. It is difficult for us to put our relationship to Israel in proper perspective for several reasons including an incessant barrage of Israeli Propaganda intended to muddy the water. Why would those who do support Netanyahu support him and his Israeli based hate Muslim propaganda? Is hate for Muslims better than hate Jews so he can justify getting more land for illegal settlements? What Obama is telling us is that we have had enough hate in this world. Why not try living in the world without hate. In the greed twisted mind of Netanyahu and his political party, if they can create overwhelming hate for Muslims with incessant Zionist propaganda such as ban burkas, etc. They will somehow shift hate from Jews thus justify their motiveless killing of Palestinians. Of course, they provoke the Palestinians into fighting back against suppression with bloody results; the killing ratio of Palestinians to Israelis is remarkable during the expansion of Israel territory relentlessly continues. President Obama has inserted himself in the problem by pointing out the establishment of two states would be a fair way for both Palestinians and Zionists to make the problem manageable. Understanding the tie between what Netanyahu wants, which is the one state solution, and a two-state solution that Carter and Obama want is critical. Also, he has taken Israel off their pedestal of never being wrong about anything by promoting such diverse things as the Iranian quest for atomic energy while stopping their attempt to build atomic bombs. However, what Obama should also do is start a program to move Israel into the column of countries without atomic bombs, but, of course, that would be a bridge too far. President Obama has the tremendous diplomatic advantage because of our tremendous foreign aid package to Israel. Also, the tremendously unfavorable standing of Israel in the United Nations, which is what plays a big part in the current P-5 plus one Iranian negotiation, with the International Atomic Energy Commission. The P-5 refers to the United Nations Security Council. If the United States were to allow the Untied Nations to rule on the problem, that body would establish a one-state solution. It would meld Israel back into Palestine as a whole, which would give the Palestinians an overwhelming majority and destroy the concept for which the United Nations formed Israel in the first place. In marked contrast to what Netanyahu wants. What he has today, which is a partitioned Palestine with a well-defined area overwhelmingly controlled by Jews but without internationally define boundaries between Palestine and Israel. The lack of boundaries allows Netanyahu and his Likud Party to control their homeland while creeping into additional Palestinian territory one settlement at a time. That would stop with sovereign boundaries of two states established and recognized internationally. Right at the top of all of this confusion is one fact, we all strongly agree Israel must survive as a nation, which is historically confusing. The United Nations based the partitioning Palestine on a lie told by the founding fathers of that country. Because of that lie, the creation of Israel was an error; however, now that it is done, no one must reverse it because they cannot reverse it nor should it be. Jews rightly need a Vatican equivalent. Zionists told Palestine was abandoned desert; no one lived there. However, the religious justification for Jews was that “God gave that land to them.” Of course, religious justification, absurd or not, is whatever those in that religion want it to be. The next big lie is that Israel is a democracy. We never intended Israel to be a democracy. The entire world supported it as a Jewish dictatorship, which is why the United Nations. Israel is a place in the world where anti-Semitism can never happen. Also, there was another “intentional error in the sense that in the minds of many people, the United Nations formed Israel in a manner suggesting it would resemble the Vatican. A Spiritual home for Jew but not an actual place to live. Certain leaders, such as Netanyahu, saw it differently then as they do now. They began to treat the Jewish community in the entire world as a “Diaspora” that is as people dispersed from their original homeland. They even formed a government ministry to entice all Jews to return to their “motherland”. More importantly, they advocated the idea their all Jews owed their loyalty to Israel regardless of the country they live in and which they have lived for generations. For example, thousands of Americans are members of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) without being Israeli citizens. President Obama’s one-time chief of staff Rahm Emanuel was one of them; in fact, you can join the IDF online if you wish. American Jews infiltrated the Israeli political life, and they returned the favor. A person’s religion should never play a part in politics; however, the internet is loaded with examples of high-ranking government advisors and politicians who have demonstrated loyalty to Israel over the United States. The recent Citizen United decision gave billionaire Sheldon Adelson legal license to corrupt or political system. It was repugnant, but the incoming Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer; Senator from New York revealed he represents Israel by turning his back on Obama in favor of Netanyahu for a recent well-publicized example. The issue in the Schumer incident is complex but is revealing. Netanyahu and the neocons do not want Iran to reach an agreement with the powerful P5 plus one over nuclear disarmament. The want the Untied States to engage Iran in the war forcing all Muslims to unite against us, which would put our military might behind Israel and against all Muslims. Doing this which would establish Netanyahu as “King of the Middle East”. President Obama has the objective of containing and fragmenting of the Muslim world into sects, each fighting their radical terrorists within each of their sects. President Obama has accomplished much, and if successful, this world will no longer have the mindset of the crusades, of being Christian against Muslim. For the first time in human history, which will change the World for the better! URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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