Saturday, June 13, 2015


Arguing politics seems to be unhappy never-ending game. The ugly truth, about the subject, is that politics is order based on human perception of social and economic strife, or hierarchy dominance, which means there can never be a final solution. However, if we step back and evaluate approaches to establishing a social order, there is some satisfaction. I feel certain an innate sense of individuality is what drives Republicans. In contrast, Democrats seem driven by an equally strong innate sense of community. There are extremes in both camps; however, those who populate the middle area outweigh the extremes. However, the protagonists in the public debate reduced this philosophy to the simplest terms; those who think we cannot survive without the government and those who hate anyone or anything telling them what to do. The result is often nonsense. I repeatedly hear Republicans want to destroy Obamacare and replace it with their plan. When asked, Republicans cannot give an alternative because the alternative is not to have the government plan, which seem asinine because society around the world has shown that in economically driven society. Free enterprise fails in health care, which is why we have Obamacare in the first place. Following the Republican line of reasoning is so fundamentally flawed it seems ridiculous. How can they think we can live in the world with seven billion people and not have government is so ridiculous. Malthus' Theory that population growth would have catastrophic consequences has not come true, at least so far they have not come true. However, the great number of people are impacting the world environment as evidenced by climate change. We may reach the point sooner than we might think because food production cannot keep up because of the consequence of climate change on agricultural technology. Of course, Malthus did not base his theory on the impact of man on his environment. Of course, it is notable that the same Republicans that deny climate change as being real are the same ones who think we do not need government. As a liberal, I find it difficult to understand how anyone could vote for a Republican candidate for any office, anyone who denies we need social order. Their response is always the same. The same ones who think we should not have any government turn right around and enthusiastically agree we need government; it is just that we need a government that doesn’t tell “them” what to do. However, they invariably personalize government. It can tell anyone everyone else what to do but not them. Of course, this is asinine but you hear it voiced every day, for example, highway patrolmen, which someone should shoot for stopping them for exceeding the speed limit. Everyone, should have guns to decrease gun violence. The height of ignorance of this dichotomy is for them to ask you to vote for a Republican politician when they are telling us all politicians are crooked, corrupt, and should not trust. OMG. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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