Sunday, June 21, 2015


Saying all Republicans are racist and saying the Republican Party promotes racism is not the same thing as I did yesterday in my blog post, Origination of Current Social Ugliness. It should be the same, but it is not. I have given Republicans an exit ramp, a way to shun responsibility. On the other hand, some Republicans are what they are because they truly believe in economic conservatism, which opens up a completely new area for argument; when is it proper for people to belong to an organization they do not fully support? I think the answer should be that they could belong as long as they fight against those aspects of the party platform in which they do not believe. Their objection should be visible. That is not happening in the Republican Party of today; at least there is zero evidence of that happening. All Republican Party presidential candidates are in lock step on condemning racism in their party. By that I mean they sidestep the issue as their collective comments about the shooting of nine black people by a racial supremacist. The initial response was to avoid the racial aspects of the case. What made their response worse is they all eventually came around to condemning the shooting as being motivated. Those of us who have a Southern experience know a delayed response is part of code or closet racism talk. A delay in response is equivalent to saying the first word that comes to mind when shown a picture, for example. It takes time and effort to sort out the lie in your mind if you are going to lie. When reporters asked Jeb Bush about invading Iraq given the information, they had at the time he said he would have invaded. It took him as long as a week to determine that the best political answer, which is to lie was to say he would not have invaded. All Republican neo- cons heard what they want to hear just as they knew he was lying after a week. The Republican presidential candidates are so desperate for voters that they are promoting racism to gain the votes of a few white supremacists. As a teacher, if a student asked a question even if it was a stupid question, I considered at least ten other students had the same question but would never ask. The same seems to be true of white supremacists, for every Dylann Roof out there at least ten others who believed the same way but did not shoot. Of course, we have to remember, that the activated radical elements are the majority of those who vote in primary elections. My hope is that the voters in the general election realize that these candidates are less that honorable. The unfortunate thing is that these fifteen candidates all the Republicans have. I have to question my original premise; am I wasting my time by providing an exit for some or are all Republicans racist? URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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