Monday, June 22, 2015


A grandchild talking to other grandchildren made a statement that shocked me to the core. He said to several other grandchildren in a matter of fact way, “Every time you hear a click on your telephone it is the government listening”. They seemed to accept this statement without a hint of a challenge. These young people are all intelligent and well educated. The pervasive idea that mistrust of government is so ingrained is inexcusable. Where is such mistrust and senseless hate of the government originating? Who gains by promoting hate? As I have expressed on this blog site, I feel it is a product of the approach political operatives take in electoral politics, their approach to evaluation of candidates, and the Supreme Court’s corrupting influence of insertion of money in the political arena. However, once we examine all of this more closely it comes clear who is behind this. Hierarchy dominance is the motivating factor. The study of the history of humankind clearly shows we as a society have replaced bestial strength with economic power. The uniqueness of democracy was that we replaced royalty with individual power and then replaced and we are now in the process of replacing individual power, one-man-one-vote, with dollars. I used the personal pronoun on purpose; by allowing it to happen, “we the people” are doing it to our selves. Answer the simple question, if we the people do not govern ourselves, who does? The senseless statements relating to mistrust of the government, I hate all politicians, they are no honest politicians, or all congressional representatives are bought have their origin in the same source. Think about the answer to the question, “If all candidates are bad how you choose someone to for is not on merit? No one votes for a candidate because of what programs they promote; those who vote vote to prevent crooks from getting into office. Why vote if everyone is bad, which is precisely how minority interests control the government. Such things abortion issues motivate those who do go to the polls along with same sex marriage, race, and a long list of etceteras muddy the water. Those few who vote are not voting for good government, which those who control the politics the campaign donors taught people the government is spying on them. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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