Saturday, June 6, 2015


Jeb Bush is a candidate for President but denies that he is so that he can violate the law. Because of this, he is a criminal who is clearly violating election laws with Super Pac’s. What will happen is he will declare he is a candidate, and that will wipe out the sin. It is much like a bank robber confessing so he can keep the money. However, I expect as soon as he declares his candidacy, the American people will suddenly forgive his sins; we cannot let that happen. In my mind, he is a criminal. Politicians, the very people who wrote the law and the people they intended to regulate, have rendered the Federal Election Commission ineffective, which is the same old story with government regulation; Bankers control FDIC, Wall Street controls the SEC, etc. Politicians have corrupted, the only possibility of having judicial review of legislative, the Supreme Court. When we ask who controls politicians, the answer in the United States should be, “we the people”. However, the true answer is the royalty of our age are the ones in control, the wealthy, which brings us full circle. Jeb Bush has been bought and paid for by the rich, and he isn’t even president yet; therefore, it is the job of all of us to see that never happens. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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