Wednesday, June 24, 2015


We have something like 12 to 15 Republican candidates for president but not one positive issue any one of them support. They are against many things but not one thing they support. In fact, they are attacking one another for the support this one or that one has for some program. The result is that these candidates are not for anything until you look for negatives. They are against a government of any kind, which they will admit is ridiculous. They all want to close this or that department of government, or if they are Rick Perry, they may not remember which one they oppose. That does not detract from the fact they are against something—including taxes, which creates a strange scenario where they are asking people to vote for them because they are for nothing and the people vote to support them. The result is a disaster no one wants. For example, they cut state taxes to the point the state legislature does not have the money to support our universities, the tuition goes up to compensate and people cannot afford to send their children to college. The people love not paying taxes but hate they cannot afford to send their children to college. They blame politicians for destroying the American dream, which causes them to be unhappy with the government, so they are content to vote against anyone who favors destroying the government. A mystery to me is why political arguments usually go nowhere. This fact bothers me. As solid, straightforward, and logical as an argument can be they seem not understood or just flat out rejected; to pursue why is futile; there is no reason. I had such an argument this morning. I put forward a premises and my interlocutor rejected it on the grounds the government is bad. I framed the argument in the form of an opinion by asking her to choose one or the other approach to a problem. Should the government approach be to reject all genetically modified organisms as being unsafe or should they evaluate the products to decide which one to reject? The response was to reject both; however, after admitting insulin produced by bacteria is good, the comment was that someone should do something about letting big corporations poison everyone with GMO’s. This country is in trouble. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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