Monday, June 15, 2015


Talking heads on TV made what was to me an interesting point about Rachel Dolezal is a white woman pretending to be black. The point they made is much about race we learned, which is something I have never considered before. Isn’t being black, white, red, yellow, or whatever, true of much about the way we consider ourselves, such as being American, Think about someone who considers himself or herself Canadian. Think about a Latino, or more specifically a Mexican or Cuban who is a citizen of America or Canada. There are advantages, disadvantages, but also shared responsibilities to being a citizen of one or another country. However, by doing this, isn’t our heritage lost? Obviously, we create subdivisions for ourselves, in these case nationalities, based on some imaginary line drawn on a map. A line on a map should have nothing to do with us as a person, but it does. A drive across the United States, either north and south or east to west, we run into a variety of different people; they don’t look different except for clothing, but they act differently. Rachel Dolezal is racially white but didn’t she learn how to be black and shouldn’t that make her black. Shouldn’t white people allow her to be black if she wants to be black? What difference does it make to anyone if she is black? Although it is getting better, we would make it more difficult of for a person with black skin to learn how to be white even in modern times. However, if a person’s skin is white, it shouldn’t be any more difficult than it was for Rachel Dolezal to learn how to be black but would people permit that to happen. I think they should. However, for the first time, society as a whole has posed the big question; are people going to let her be black, even after she has learned to be black? Perhaps a bigger question is, if not why not, which seems to be a question one can answer? I cannot even imagine an answer. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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