Thursday, May 14, 2015


How can an austerity program that seems so right to fiscal conservatives be causing us so much harm? I grew up believing you have to spend money to make money; is that wrong. Is it wrong to believe the government is there to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves? Can the Constitution of the United States be wrong that we the people have the vote therefore we have the power—we are the government. Can all of this be wrong? I look at the Republican Party platform based on paying off our current national debt and find a severe austerity program aimed at cutting all government services to the people except for generously providing for the military. When we ask questions, we find some startling answers. We have the great debt mainly because of an unpopular war funded by borrowed money. Why did our government borrow money to pay for it? The fact it was so unpopular means it did not have legislative support, we could not have a draft, and we could not increase taxes to pay for that war. If we had had an increase in taxes, we would not have the debt. Clearly, we suddenly no longer had a government of the people, by the people, or for the people, which means, we as a nation, voted to give away our power. That is the only way such a thing could have happened. Pursuing this line of reasoning, we can ask why the focus of the austerity program is on welfare, the part of the government aimed at helping people. Why do we hear so much support for the austerity program when we all know it is hurting the poor? Perhaps, it is because we the Republicans are constantly terrorizing us by reminding us of our horrendously large and crippling debt without mentioning why we have this debt. Therefore, the austerity program is a logical and Democrats support it; we must cut government spending, and that means cutting welfare spending. In other words, we are in a dog chasing—tail exercise except that we, like the dog, are biting our tail. We know Republicans cause the tremendous debt and are now using it to cut welfare; remember the runaway spending of the Bush years. However, greed knows no bounds. We know, but do not seem to appreciate, a person working for 39 hours at minimum wage needs welfare to survive. We want him or her to survive so support the welfare program, which is the same as paying a supplemental wage “for corporations who hire minimum wage workers”. Our Republican-controlled House of Representatives has not voted even one dollar to create jobs, not one! We vote them into office because we know we have to pay the national debt, even if it hurts us. They will not vote to spend money to build our country’s infrastructure. The way they vote is the clue that tells us something is wrong with our government. It is true, we are voting against our interest. However, how do we explain not correcting it when we know we can? Why are the using the vote of which they nefariously gained control, to destroy the government. The clue is not so much that they will not create jobs, but it is that they are cutting government services. By cutting funding for all government agencies, they make those agencies less efficient, which is the backhanded way of cutting regulations. Congress has essentially defunded the Security, Exchange Commission, or the Federal Elections Commission and the Internal Revenue Service. If the IRS does not have employees, there will be no tax audit of big companies. However, more import, who is in control if there is no government? The answer is child-like or “Republican simple”, the old Wild West all again; the person with the biggest gun, only in our society the biggest gun is the biggest bank account. The Republican idol, John Wayne, a big guy on the back of a big horse, is no longer a joke, only the horse in the year-2015 is a big polished desk. The fundamental truths we built this country on are out the window, and we are the ones who opened that window. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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