Monday, May 4, 2015


Once again, the Constitution of the United States has been defiled again. This time the focus is on our constitutionally guaranteed right to “freedom of speech”. We have an element in the country that at first blush represents an educational failure; however, a closer look tells us that it is not ignorance but is intentional. Invariably, this group represents people who have mal intent. The problem centers on the misuse of that freedom. Freedom is like money; it is yours to use as you see fit but once it is spent, it is gone; you may never get it back. The classic example is someone is yelling fire in a crowded movie theater because the constitution says he or she can. People trample themselves to death in the rush to get out. The defense of the guilty party is simple; I didn’t tell them to trample each other. The person who yelled fire can ‘un-yell’, and the people who were hurt and died are still injured and dead. There was another shooting in Garland, Texas at a public event. It was not just any event. The justification for the event was that it would cause trouble just as the person who yelled fire in the theater. The justification for it is it was their constitutional right to free speech. Two people are dead, and a third man wounded. The guilty parties are the New York-based American Freedom Defense Initiative led by Pamela Geller and the Dutch Party for Freedom headed by Geert Wilders. Geller’s organization organized the event and centered it on an award of $10,000 for the best cartoon depicting Prophet Muhammad. In ordinary circumstances, a person religion should make no difference but in the current political environment, the fact that Geller is Jewish gives a clue as to her motive. Wilders was a featured speaker at the event and received several standing ovations. Garland Texas is not a hick town in rural Texas. It is part of the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex. The scene becomes even more complex when we learn Geller and Wilders held the event in question at Curtis Culwell Center, which is public school property. I am sure the school board of that district will claim they had not idea of any problems that might occur from renting faculties to the American Freedom Defense Initiative, a know anti-Islamic Organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a hate group. They may say that they were upholding the Constitution just as they say they are defending the right of people to vote. As usual for Texas, the police act like idiots. First, a police spokesperson, Joe Hern by name, says they don’t know if the shootings were associated with the event, and then they claim credit for quick containment of the shooter because they had many armed policed attending the event in anticipation of trouble. The entire affair stinks from to top bottom. The Constitution guarantees the right of free speech, which our founding fathers clearly intended to protect people who chose to express political dissent. Not to protect idiots who yell fire or intentionally say things to provoke hate. By defending Geller and Wilders, the school board, and the Texas police, we will slowly lose our freedom of political descent. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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