Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Now, more than ever, it is important Congress support the president; however, that is not what is about to happen. Political parties running the country should never happen, but that is exactly what is happening. This is something especially egregious now that the Supreme Court has corrupted our system of fair elections. The concept of collective intelligence, which is behind our government structure, is failing. The founding fathers were operating on fundamental principles; if the people fairly elected representatives, representatives will represent the views of “all” people. They recognized the people in the country divided themselves into two camps or groups; one group was interested in having the individual represented (House of Representative) and the other group was cognizant of the fact that some of the country was poorly populated, so to be fair they leveled the playing field (Senate). Both of these two groups were patriots who put government on a pedestal. They also believed in the purity of jurisprudence; many of the Founding Fathers were lawyers who believed it the philosophy of law that says secular laws is pure and above corruption.

Many people feel the George W. Bush administration will live forever in infamy because the Iraq war. My detractors have been criticized me for believing otherwise. I do believe the Bush Administration screwed up the Middle East; however, the Bush administration did cause a much bigger and more significant and lasting problems; what they did to the Supreme Court was much worse. I trace that problem to one low-level political operative, Karl Rove. I hope history books recognize the inherent evilness of this man. Of course, he did not do it all alone; he had political party support based on his success in electing, unqualified, and unattractive individuals to high office. It reminded me of how people judge a good lawyer; the best lawyer is the one who can get a jury to give an innocent verdict for an obviously guilty criminal. They do it by twisting sins. For example, politicians who convince workers to vote against labor unions or to raise taxes on themselves while lowering taxes on the rich is not different from the equivalent of a wet glove that does not fit. Rove’s success translated into money raising ability; a talent that put him in a chauffeur driven limousines and an expensive lifestyle that will stay with him for life. He avoids interviews but when caught up in one plays the part of a humble follower, “I do not have any power.”

How did one man, Karl Rove, undo the delicate system of government by the people, as well as the checks and balances the founding fathers worked so hard and meticulously to create. It started when George W. Bush gave this political hack the power to fire Federal Judges and replace them with Republican judges. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, should have put Rove in prison for doing this but did nothing—apparently, she bowed to political pressure and decided not to jail him even for such an egregious crime. That was, or should have been, the clue the federal courts had become the special target of Rove and his nefarious colleagues to create a perpetual Republican majority. Where there had always been political pressure to nominate justices with political leanings but all of sudden a flood of money from behind the scenes backed ultraconservative candidates for appointment to the Supreme Court nominees, even with a Democratic president. They reduced the lifetime judicial nomination process to the sleazy turmoil of a political campaign. Once that was accomplished that corrupted court, they immediately did what they needed to do to turn our democracy to a plutocracy— government by the wealthy by the wealthy for the wealthy. The court rendered the First Amendment null and void; we know it as the Citizens United Decision. It has only been two years and see what damage is already done.

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