Saturday, April 4, 2015


Religious leaders have once again found a way to influence civil law, which is nothing new. This time they thought they were collaborating with big business through the Republican Party; of course, they felt they had big business playing second fiddle. They cleverly package their efforts as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. As with right-wing think-tanks, the name hides the true purpose of the effort under some patriotic flag-waving titles, which implies they support individual rights, or assaults on the Constitution. In this case, they are loudly proclaiming their “constitutionally mandated right to worship as you please” is being violated. For religious leaders to do this is ironic. Their sole objective is to demand that you worship as they tell you to worship; if you don’t worship as they threaten you; you will not get to heaven.

Look at what the name implies; Religious Freedom Restoration Act. That is excellent marketing that will sell you something you do not want or need. It is as bad as the class, “selling refrigerators to Eskimos”. First, they imply you do not have religious freedom. The second thought is that they are “fighting for you” to restore “your freedom”. Everyone knows you have not lost your rights, and you are free to worship as you choose. That being the case, obviously there is nothing to restore. So what are they selling you?

Republicans join church leaders in doing this because they know their basic political philosophy is not to support the individual worker but rather to support big business. Everyone who has ever thought about it knows Republicans do these things to create one-issue voters based on anything other than their basic philosophy. They invariably select emotional charged issues such as someone telling you cannot worship the way you chose. Anti-gay rights, negotiations with the evil Iran, the Obama Bergdahl exchange, hate for Muslims, hate for Obama, hate, hate, hate, and then reverse themselves with love, love, love: love for motherhood, apple pie, and baseball.

More irony is that what they are saying this time is the exact opposite of what they say it is. They are saying you have to worship the way they do. Same sex marriage is against the tenants of their church, abortion is counter to what they believe, you as a Christian have to hate Muslims, or Jews or whatever, and so it goes. It is all religion for some and politics, or vote-getting, for others.

I cannot speak for you, but I am sick and tired of Republican nonsense.

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