Saturday, April 25, 2015


Sometimes it is hard to figure out just why libertarians are complaining. They constantly complain the government is bad, evil, or incompetent and cite this or that incident, law, person, or something that upsets them. The entire publication, Personal Liberty Digest, is devoted to this theme and page after page of comments confirm this. From time to time, I write a counter comment to stir the pot knowing the readers; I am convinced that I will not change anyone’s mind.

This morning I was wondering what the real basis for their unhappiness with the government was especially in light of such diverse citations. Apparently, to them the foundation of our government “government of the people and by the people,” makes no sense. They are adamant that they are not conservatives but everyone seems to know the align themselves with that wing of the Republican Party and the political operatives in that party cater to them from time to time to gain their block of votes. Many of the articles I read in that publication centers around their disgust with the very rich, unfairness with the tax laws, and the disparity in income, etc., which is in line with what liberals such as  myself believe. However, we as liberals aim our wrath at the inherent business practices of a segment of society and feel we need government regulations to control these impulses; thus, social unrest  boils down to a fight between the rich versus the working class. As liberals, we base or political philosophy on our history of despising the power of any ruling class such as royalty and the rich and vest that power in “we the people”. On the other hand, conservatives resent having liberals tell them they base their political philosophy on greed; yet, we all recognize that we could not survive without a sense of greed. The understanding that every unit of society has to have a pecking order confounds both liberals and conservative alike; the father of a family, the president of a union, the owner of a business, or the president of the nation. Of course, who occupies the leadership positions are always a point of contention.

Against that background, it is clear libertarians find themselves isolated. They claim to be individualist; thus, somehow see themselves as standing aloof to the rest of society, but that does not explain why. Personal liberty Digest has a cadre of authors, including Bob Livingston, the founder of the mentioned publication, whose bylines repeatedly appear  and the names of those making comments, although fabricated, repeatedly appear  as well. His conglomerate of writers makes it clear; they blame the government for what they consider their personal failures. Thus, we have the triad; conservatives aim their wrath at the working class; liberals aim their wrath at business practices and lack of ethics, while libertarians aim their wrath on government or any authority other than themselves. Conservatives hate the government for regulating business practices, and libertarians hate the government for regulating them as individuals. They both hate liberals for wanting the government to work and to work well. As a liberal, I am proud of my altruism and love my government but am displeased with those who clearly want to destroy it; Koch brother, Sheldon Adelson, Paul Ryan, Bob Livingston, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ron and Rand Paul to name a few.

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