Thursday, April 9, 2015


The now notorious killing of a fleeing black man in North Charleston, South Carolina is the subject of many interviews and comments. I try to protect myself from as many as I can, but I do want to hear the news, etc so I don’t turn off the TV completely. Something that did catch my eye was a video interview of two black South Carolina reporters—it is usual for reporters to be interviewing other reporters in stories of this nature— one reporter asked the other if he though there was a racial element to this story. If that wasn’t naive enough, the reported responded that he didn’t think so. OMG, to think that these are the people bring us the news.

I live in North Carolina, the sister state where the openly racist Jessie Helms was repeatedly elect to the Senate of the United States and the state represent by Thom Tillis and Richard Burr who recent refuse to vote for a black Attorney General nominee.
North Carolina's 2nd congressional district - since January 3, 2013.

This is the district from where Renee Elmer’s is “fairly” elected. Do I need to point out where the black people live in this area?

I am here to tell you that racism is running wild, in some ways perhaps worse than in years gone by. The Citizens United ruling by the corrupt United States Supreme Court is corrupting our democracy. There was a horrific story our of New York where a certain religious sect took over a school board with the idea of destroying public schools to support their own religious schools by diverting taxpayers money. That happened in North Carolina by a very rich retail store owner; he funded racist candidates in school boards to trash public schools in favor of private schools.

A black man was driving man expensive car and is dead because of it. Did you know that real estate loans are available in black neighborhoods but not in white neighborhoods, because the loans payments are more than low paying jobs allow? When it all shakes out, a black can buy an expensive used car but not an expensive house—drive through a black neighborhood while looking at what is parked in the driveways. The usual conclusion is that drug dealers own expensive cars, which I am sure this was the conclusion of Patrolman Slagar. All he wanted to do was to search that car for evidence.   

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