Saturday, April 11, 2015


Have you ever wondered why the people are confused? Many people complain about the government not working. When they have a President that clearly makes the government work well these same people complain about that president making the government work, but also not only is the president making the government work, essentially, he is doing it by himself against the opposition of the Supreme Court and he is doing it with a defunct Congress. The heart of the problem reflexive in as much as the people who are doing the complaining are the ones who elect non-operational Congressional representatives.

The issue at hand is President Obama normalizing relations with Cuba. By far, most people agree this is the right thing to do for a number of reasons. If we dissect the situation, we can learn something about the forces at play. The leading complainers are a very small group of Cuban dissidents is. Their supporters are a small group of radical politically motivated individuals based on the hate for Fidel Castro and now Raul Castro. The hate has been festering for since before 1958. Some of us are old enough to remember that it was a universal fear of communists on our shores that most of us were sure it would infect the entire South American continent. For most Americans, this is now an obsolete fear. However, fear of communism is a thought that still lingers in the minds of some.

The major group supporting the Cuban dissidents is the Republican operatives. These people, such Karl Rove, have no compunction about lying, cheating, and stealing to gain political power. They are the old school; “God” is on the side of the winner, regardless of what they did to win. One of their big lies they promote is that their small group of dissidents speaks for all Cubans, and all Latinos are Cubans. Of course, this conjunction or stereotyping of peoples is not true. Most Latinos in the United States are of Mexican or South American origin. Another untruth the political operatives promote is that most Cubans are in agreement with the dissidents; they are not. Only a small percentage of immigrant Cubans agree and almost no second-generation Cubans agree. 

However, most people agree with this core group of dissidents that the Castro brothers are bad news for the Cuban people. They rule by terror, have killed, and imprisoned thousands of people. The difference is that the President, and by far most people, feel by having communication and business access to the people of Cuba; we can change their system of governance by presenting a united front.

The miracle is that we finally have a President, who recognized the opportunity and took it. He is acting positively and rationally and not for political gain. Remember Eisenhower and Nixon saying a vote for them was a vote against the looming red communist menace equivalent to Condoleezza Rice saying a vote for Bush was a vote to prevent a mushroom cloud. Put it this way; a call to install a sprinkler system does not get the attention that the word “FIRE” gets.

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