Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I was shocked to see a picture of starved extermination camp survivors recently posted on FaceBook by Allen West, and retired U.S. retired army lieutenant colonel and ex-congressional representative from Florida. Allen West the subject of a military investigation for torture of an Iraqi detainee, which led to his sudden discharge from 22-year career in the military. I ma not sure if the discharge was dishonorable or not.

He posted the picture at a time when there is a controversy raging over the relationship of our Congress with Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu. The radical right wing is supporting Netanyahu’s call to war with Iran. This call is in direct opposition to President Obama’s call for extended peace by a negotiated end to the Iranian uranium enrichment program. Obviously, in Allen West’s distorted mind, by posting the picture he is signaling his support for Netanyahu’s position.  It is the same old theme, which is tough guy approach; you have to beat them up before they respect you—there is simply no other way.

What turn of the mind would result in him posting a graphic picture depicting Jewish people starved by perhaps the evilest regime that ever existed. Although still a child, I remember when our military opened those extermination camps, and actually allowed us to see the suspected Nazi horror. I knew as we all knew the horror of that war brought to us on film, in print and young veterans relating their experiences. I learned that grown men tested in war do cry. The only reason I can suppose is that Allen west thinks identifying with Netanyahu’s position would enhance his chance of reelection in his Jewish district in Florida. However, apparently in his mind, which apparently is filled with hate for Muslims, are we supposed to identify nuclear arms negotiations with the Jewish suffering or are we suppose to substitute Muslim for Jews in that picture. His history would suggest the later is the proper interpretation. He apparently justifies torture in Guantanamo by believing even if they are not guilty; they deserve to be tortured because they are Muslims. If you don’t believe me, ask him.

The shock of it all centers on the question of how could anyone use such a Holocaust picture of such horror and suffering for political gain. Then I realized that 47-senators in our Congress are doing exactly the same thing that Netanyahu asked them to do; they are jumping from the horror of 1945 to Obama’s negotiating peace in the Middle East.

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