Monday, March 23, 2015


Dan Senor was a guest on Morning Joe, (MSNBC). This man is typical of some Jewish Americans in as much he is more Zionists than Jewish. He reminds me of raving Rabbi Shmuley Boteach who appears from time to time on Ed Schultz show, Ed Show, MSNBC where he seethes with rage for Muslims. There are few columnists, political advisors, and Rabbis who are as Zionist oriented. There is no doubt that both of these men are loyal Americans, but I seriously question if they are working in the best interest of America.

These two men represent ends of a spectrum of sorts. Their ideas are the same, but the methods of delivery of their message are entirely different. Dan Senor’s method is far more effective. He was the chief foreign policy advisor for Mitt Romney during the 2012 election campaign. Perhaps that is way the Romney campaign had an illegal but openly publicized a fundraiser in Israel asking citizens of that country to donate money to support his presidential campaign. There is no question; Mitt Romney’s focus was on Israel while ignoring the rest of the world. In my opinion, that was not in the best interest of America. Before that, Senor was chief spokesperson of the infamous Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq that Wolfowitz designed to benefit Israel by using the greed of the energy industry to control all the oil in that country, which was the purpose of that war. Again, that was not in the best interest of America. We will never know the economic benefits, but we know the cost; the cost was the lives of 4,491 Americans.

There is a third man, Sheldon Adelson, who has become prominent in the Zionist picture in the Untied States. The story of this talented businessman is a great story of rags to riches. He fulfilled a dream. However, unlike Senor and Boteach riches has corrupted his politics. He violates both Israeli law and Untied States law by spends three million dollars each month “under the table” to support Netanyahu Zionist political aims to dominate the Middle East.

These people are working counter to the best interest of America and I would argue counter to the best interest of Israel as well. I am not exaggerating when I expand this to say against the best interest of the world. President Obama is working to create a peaceful situation in the Middle East. Israel must stand as an independent nation in the area but not at the expense of the entire Muslim world. These three men, as examples, are advancing Israeli propaganda based on the 2,000-year old religious idea that the Christian world is in competition with the Muslim world. Leaders of both religions operate on the premise there is only one “God” and that worshiping that “God” is the only road to salvation. Religion has been the basis for war. To promote Israel over Iran or Palestine, as these three people are doing, is to continue that failed idea. Judeo-Christians are not better than Muslims are or visa verse. They are guaranteeing perpetuation of that 2,000-year old hate and war and the hail of rockets on Israel until 1.2 billion Muslims are dead. The Obama alternative is living in peace within the boundaries of two sovereign states. Take your pick!     

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