Sunday, March 29, 2015


There was extremely good news coming out of Egypt this week as back-handed as it is. Sisi, the sixth President of Egypt, convened the 26th Arab League summit on Saturday. He called for the formation of a joint Arab military force to attack Houthi military forces in Yemen. Think about that request in this way, it was not a call to attack Israel. It was a Sunni call to attack the Shiite rebels in Yemen, thus attack the regime in Iran. Of course, Mahmoud Abbas the President of the Palestinian Authority attended and tried to rally support against Israel, which the Arab representatives treated as “old hat”. What is important is that Al Arabiya News quoted President Sisi as saying, “that there is an urgent need to filter the religious rhetoric of extremism, emphasizing the need to support the elected, legitimate Libyan government”. Yes, the collective Arab states support Liberia that is still in transition from dictatorship and civil war to democracy. Egypt and Libyan people shed their Religious forms of government and the Arab world focus in now on the “urgent need to filter the religious rhetoric of extremism”.

Muslim nations are fighting Muslim extremist. Our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, has called for Arab nations in the world to do what they are doing, Muslims must eliminate terrorist from their ranks. It is a simple policy and is so straight forward that military and diplomatic leaders around the world, including our own Congress, cannot understand it. I heard James Jeffery an ex-United States ambassador to Iraq and Presidential adviser to Presidents Bush and Obama screaming in terms of diplomacy in the Middle East, that we are in a ‘Goddamn freefall’. I note that he also said, ‘And the recipes we have tried to use to stem the violence and to stem the destabilization of the nation-states in the region by one or another Islamic religious movement, — be it Iranians, ISIS, al Qaeda — have not been successful.” I repeat, “The Arab world focuses in now on the “urgent need to filter the religious rhetoric of extremism.” I call that success. I call the “no boots on the ground policy of our President” a screaming success! He has single-handedly changed the world. McCain and Graham hate it apparently because we are not bombing someone. The Pentagon hates it because they are not at the head of the line for budget considerations. Dick and Lynn Cheney hate it because Halliburton and Lockheed-Martin are not raking in massive amounts of money. The Republicans hate it because Obama is a Democrat. Then there is Louie Gohmert of East Texas.

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