Tuesday, March 3, 2015


In the face of a hostile press that appears to refuses to understand the President’s Middle East Policy, how can an in your face blogger like me emphasize the significance and importance of an event that has taken place within the last few days. Officials in Iraq have announced that 10,000 fighters, including soldiers, federal police, Sunni, and Shiite factions attacked Tikrit, a major city in that country. The media and the people in the country treat this news as an “Oh Hum” event of only peripheral interest in a war-torn country. Let me point out why this is an event worth of historical note.

President Obama has stated his policy to be “no boots on the ground”. He did not point out that he was talking about “Christian” boots.  Everyone should know that vocal factions of Muslims treat Christina soldiers in their countries as defiling their land—for example, this was Osama bin Laden’s principal complaint and his motivations for the bloody 9/11 attack. It is easy to understand that in countries that have Muslims fighting Muslims, the presence of our soldiers and by extensions the United States, would serve as the enemy of all Muslims; thus, would be a uniting force for Muslim sects. Obviously, uniting Muslims sects would be against our national interest.

The Obama’s carefully articulated  message is that the only way ISIS, Al Quida, and numerous terrorist groups is to recognize Muslims will have to clear their religious followers of terrorists—a fundamental truth is that followers of other religions cannot do this task. It would be like expecting Muslims to clear up the pedophile priest problem in the Catholic Church—ridiculous! In spite of the pressure from out military industrial complex to start a nice big war, Obama recognizes the obvious; no matter how much money we spend or how many tanks, planes, and ships we have, we cannot fight their battles for them—thousands of years of religious was history has proved that to be the case.

This Obama message is calling forth for something new to the world; my “God” is right and your “God” is wrong, Christians fighting Muslims, or “Praised the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” is not only old hat but is medieval. By doing so, he has sidetracked a major reason for war in the Middle East, which perhaps was the only geographically region where such thinking still existed. What I am saying is that the composition of the attack force and other circumstances surrounding this attack on Tikrit is the first proof that Obama’s policy is working. Step back a look at what is happening:

      1.     The Iraqi Shia government initiated the attack to liberate the Sunni city from ISIS, which is a                  Sunni organization.
a.      Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is Shia.
b.     Sunnis complain about not being represented in the government.
  1. Tikrit is a Sunni city.
  2. The forces holding the city are Sunnis.
    1. ISIS or ISIL is Sunni.
    2. Their goal is to turn the area into a Sunni state.
  3. The forces attacking the city are Sunni forces.
  4. Iranian General is leading some of the liberating forces is Shiite.
    1. Iran is 89% Shi’a.
    2. Iraqi is around 60-65% Shi’a. 
  5. No Christian troops are involved.  

I cannot look at all of this and conclude that one sect is fighting another sect. What I see is all Muslims, not Christians, fighting a small group of terrorists within their religion, which was precisely the objective of the Obama policy. Obama has succeeded. Read the headlines; “Iraqi officials said more than 10,000 fighters — including soldiers, federal police, and Sunni and Shiite factions—attacked ­areas around Tikrit from three sides.” I am sure the media will be saturated with stories about how  small factions are still fighting along the lines of the ancient  religious sectarianism, but the big story still holds, Middle Eastern Muslims have grown up. 

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