Thursday, March 12, 2015


The most obvious and shocking result of the now infamous letter written by neophyte senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) and signed by 47 congressional representative have given up United States sovereignty in the Middle East to the government of Israel, which is the equivalent of putting our military decision making in the hands of Israel. President Obama had started us on a long and difficult road to a peaceful solution in the region and he and Secretary Kerry were trying to put a big piece of that puzzle in place. We cannot expect Cotton, a young inexperienced cattle rancher out of the hills of Arkansas, to understand the complicated Middle East problem; however, at least some of the 47 cosigners should have known better.

The heart of the issue is that all the Muslim countries in the Middle East accurately identify the United States with Israel. We the people in the United States, as leaders of the world, have strongly supported the establishment of Israel in Palestine. Although still in high school, I strongly supported creating a Jewish nation in a “vacant land”. In other words, I believed the big lie that the land was essentially vacant. Regardless, knowledge of the suffering of the Jewish people at the hands of Nazis, but also by many other people, easily countered the objections of a few people in Palestine.

Anti-Semitism was rampant worldwide; but strangely, the people in the Middle East had lived in a society where Christians, Muslims, and Jews lived as neighbors; perhaps as uneasy neighbor but nonetheless neighbors. A happy end to the story should have been a given. Then again, as expected David Ben-Gurion issued a Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel on 14 May 1948, obviously, you cannot have Jewish state if Jews do not control it. In essence, the declaration of independence claimed overriding biblical that is Jewish ownership of all the land. Such a declaration should have been anticipated in as much Muslims Christians and Jews, not Jewish majority, occupied the land.

The result is that the world knowingly established a dictatorship. What we did not know, or expect, was that that dictatorship would rule by terror. It was not terror in the sense of ISIS, Saddam Husain, or Hitler or anything like that but it was legislative terror hidden under the umbrella of democracy, which it was not. A slow creep in land acquisition resulted. Of course, Palestinians protested and that started the violence. Arab nations allied themselves with the Palestinians and the Western world aligned with Israel. The tension has been escalating ever since. Through all of this, the United States stood solidly behind the Israeli government in part as the result of the influence on the people of a massive propaganda campaign by Israel. The Israel propaganda objective clearly has been to pit the world against all Muslim—love Israel and hate Muslims. With the immigration of Muslims to western countries with large resident Jewish population, as a result of Palestine-Israel conflict, trouble between those two communities has been growing, for example recently in France and German. Israel Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu has been traveling to those nations and, in keeping with propaganda efforts, blatantly stimulating unrest to promote Israel as he did when invited to speak to the Congress of the United States.

In an unheard of breach of diplomatic protocol, he disparaged Obama’s nuclear disarmament agreement being negotiating with Iran; he sees Iran as the most dangerous enemy of Israel. Netanyahu’s solution is to have the United States bomb Iran and reduce the country to the equivalent of what they have done with Palestine; reduce Iran into a sniveling cowering country subservient to anything Israel in all things.  
Obama is trying to be fair to all countries of all religions. To accomplish fairness, he has been attempting slowly and deliberately to move Israel into standing on its own merit as an independent country in the Middle East. The 47- Senators attempted to torpedo that effort; however, their effort has stimulated an unprecedented wave of unwanted and dangerous anti-Semitism not only in the United States but also around the world. The result is that more people are able to see and agree with the Obama’s administration objective, which is to remove Israel from its nanny status.  

Netanyahu did not mention to our Congress that Iran looks at Israel has their most dangerous enemy just as Israel looks at Iran. The accusation contained in his and in Israeli propaganda is that Iran is constantly calling for the destruction of Israel, which he labels as evil. It is obvious Israel is doing the same thing by constantly calling for the destruction of Iran, which he sees as righteous. The blowback from the ill-advised letter suggests it caused politicians from both parties to do some introspection, which made it obvious the President is not the only one in government who sees the Netanyahu approach as being mutually destructive. Of course, radical right wing Fox hate is Fox hate and it will persist no matter what

The bottom-line is simple; to be fair, nuclear disarmament should include disarming Israel’s nuclear capability. We should be as ready to protect a disarmed Iran from Israel as protecting a disarmed Israel from Iran. Such a drastic change in policy will take years and years, but it has to start somewhere, why not start with the greatest president we have ever had and not with 47 errant Senators.            
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