Monday, March 2, 2015


This was a particularly wretched morning on +Morning Joe (MSNBC); the guest was Senator John +McCain. In addition to being more arrogant than usual, Joe Scarborough’s opening salvo was the statement; the administration is siding with Iran against Israel. In the classical conservative mindset in diplomacy, which is in the black and white world, there can only be two sides to any and every issue and you have to be on one or the other side. Negotiating has not purpose, compromise is wrong. To be in keeping with Obama bashing and the politics of hate that the Morning Joe show thrives on; they are on the love Israel and hate Iran mode. If a small group of Israeli radicals wants to destroy Iran, we should destroy Iran—period, no questions asked.  

When McCain opened up on the problems in the Middle East, it was the same old bomb, bomb, McNasty; he used the tired old NRA rhetoric, give everyone a gun and then the world will be safe just make sure our friends have bigger guns.  Of course, there is the same old problem, we don’t know who our friends are, so of course, he is willing to let Obama decide just in case a mistake is made it will be his fault. The truth is that Obama has decided the peaceful thing to do not to give anyone guns.

What was a repeated time after time is the lie that Obama does not have a strategy in the Middle East. This means that McCain does not agree with the President’s approach, which he has forcefully and repeatedly; “no boots on the ground”. They are fighting a religious war: Muslim against Muslim. They have to fight their own wars because if we enter the battle we will be encouraging them to fight us and not each other. If you do that, you can contain the war. Of course, that upsets McCain, who never saw a war he could not win or did not want to fight. He forgets that the history of man is the story of back-to-back religious war with Christians against Muslims. Obama is the first President to have the wisdom to advance out of this chaos; he has the wisdom needed to separate a religion that has not internally matured from one that has grown to be peaceful. How many shooting wars between Christian sects do you hear about?   

McCain so obviously does not understand what the problem in the Middle East is, but at the same time is so desperate to start a war he even tried to bring in the idea that ISIS is Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s army. There is enough truth to that to make it a concern because it explains the unexpected military bearing of such a radical group of terrorists. However, he went on to explain, “We beat them” in the surge and we can beat them again—with boots on the ground led by Pentagon generals, which is why he mentioned it. He wants to assure the American People, if we start a shooting war, we can win a shooting war. What is clear is that McCain will not agree there is a Middle East Policy until it is the bomb, bomb policy, his policy, his war.  

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