Friday, March 27, 2015


Yesterday, I posted a blog on this blog site dealing with Israeli duplicity in the complicated Middle East environment, Israel Request for Perpetual War. I did not anticipate in that article what would happen in the political landscape in the United States, but I should have. The first signs are there of the Israeli propaganda machine gearing up for a full assault on Obama’s policies in the Middle East. This morning, I heard repeatedly that Iran is expanding their influence in the area with our help. +Chuck Todd and +Jose Diaz-Balart for example seemed eager, even though they somewhat awkwardly, to distort +Richard Engels report on the conflict in Yemeni. Their hidden message is simply that Obama policies side with Iran against Saudi Arabia and its allies, which are United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, and Sudan. In addition, Obama policy would put us in harmony with policies of Iran’s allies and its allies, which are Lebanon, Palestinian Authority, Russia, Syria, and Venezuela.

All of a sudden, according to the propaganda, Obama allied himself with all the classic American enemy states. Do I have to point out the advantage of all of this for Israel diplomatically in their fight with Iran? Obama is trying to disarm Iran; in addition, he as Commander-in-Chief of the United States is fighting a war both against and for Iran. He is helping Shiite Iran to fight Sunni-backed ISIS in Syria at the same time fighting the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, a one-time Shiite Muslim and Ba'ath Party leader, the same as the old George W Bush nemesis, Saddam Hussein. To restate, both Obama and al-Assad are fighting ISIS. Obama is helping Iran to fight the Sunni-backed ISIS, who has control of Tikrit and supported by wealthy Saudis.   

The easiest way to understand this is to reduce the Middle East down to two camps.  One side has Iran at its center and the other centering on with Saudi Arabia. It is shaping up into a huge intra-Islamic conflict; that is an internal religious war, blurred by sovereign boundaries. This is a huge success for Obama; however, Israel and 47 treasonous Senators are trying to frame that success as a failure. They want war against Iran at Israeli urging, which would immediately turn all Muslims away from fighting that internal struggle and direct their collective hate toward the United States and of course against our President Obama. How can I be so certain that I know what will happen? George W. Bush and his neo-cons did it within my lifetime; now his brother stands ready to do it again. His proposed cabinet is the same as his brothers; man for man. OMG

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