Tuesday, March 24, 2015


My worst fears have been realized. Being a friend to Israel has become an embarrassment for me and for the United States. We must do what it takes to preserve that nation; however, the road is now much rougher than it should be. Wall Street Journal headlines are blaring out, ISRAEL SPIED ON IRAN NUCLEAR TALKS. The fact that Israel Mossad (like our CIA), Aman (military intelligence), and Shin Bet (internal security) is spying on us is spying on us comes as no surprise. Jonathan Pollard was charged in 1987 with passing classified information after being caught selling atomic secrets to “our friend” Israel. As an aside, the government did not charge him with treason because Israel is an ally and not an enemy state. Recently, National Security Administration (NSA) documents leaked by Snowden, another traitor, pointed out in 2007 that Israel was a top espionage threat along with North Korea and India. Think about that, our government ranks Israel with these nations because they are a threat to the infrastructure, financial, and banking institutions. This may not be public knowledge, but everyone in congress should know this and keep up their guard when dealing with these nations.

I quote from that story Wall Street Journal Story; "Soon after the U.S. and other major powers entered negotiations last year to curtail Iran’s nuclear program, senior White House officials learned Israel was spying on the closed-door talks." [WSJ] [sec]. That is bad but what is worse is that Mossad, if that was the agency involved, passed this information to certain members of the United States Congress. Think about that! Members of our Congress accepted and acted on information obtained by an act of spying—that to me is TREASON. To make matters worse, the Speaker of the House of Representative apparently used that information as a basis for inviting Benjamin Netanyahu to talk to a joint session of Congress knowing that Israel has been spying on us.

Until now, the position of Speaker of the House has been an exalted position. The people of this country elected them to their high-dignified positions in Congress, the highest legislative branch in our government. Now, Boehner congressional representatives have shamefully dragged their position into the lowest of gutters. The honorable thing for him to have done was for every one of them to call the White House and tell our President that Israel was spying on their negotiations—there are no indications the White House phone even rang once. It is time to declare Israel is no longer an ally of the United States at least until the people of Israel dump their evil leader. For our part, we, we should charge Boehner and every other member of the Congress who receives and accepted that stolen information with treason, as we rightfully should.  

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