Saturday, March 14, 2015


Sometimes Republican logic confuses me. For example, several of them, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, John Boehner to name a few,  have been quoted as chastising President Obama because the middle class is not thriving and wages are not increasing. The 60 months employment numbers have forced them to abandon their cry, “Where are the jobs.” Now, the complaint is about the shrinking middle class; I heard each one of the above name Republican leaders say so forcefully and directly as if they were talking from a campaign stump; Republicans claim to like tough, straight talk.   

Think about the big picture. Members of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives screamed incessantly about Obama’s lack of jobs but did absolutely nothing about creating jobs—they did not submit or pass even one piece of legislation. Their issues were the budget deficient, abortions, same-sex marriage and, of course, the usual hate legislations, they talked about, but they did nothing. They want to destroy the IRS, destroy the Department of Educations, destroy the EPA, destroy social security to increase old age poverty, destroy food stamp programs to starve the lazy unmarried women who cannot control their libido. Each one of these things has a perverted logic associated with it.

For example, the budget deficit is huge, so their logical answer is to cut taxes. Old age poverty is bad so their answer is that people who work for $7.50/hour have to save for their own retirement. If they complain about the low wage, they should somehow ignore their low IQ and go to college to get a better job. Cutting taxes cuts State tax support for Universities which means tuition cost go up. If they don’t have the money for tuition they should borrow it, but refuse to control lending so students have to pay exorbitant interests rates. By the way, they abhor “government” regulations of these moneylenders.

Look at their complaint about the shrinking middle class. Everything single political thing they help the rich while increasing poverty in the middle class. It is not just one thing but also everything, they do. They will tell you everything they do is to help the middle class; however, I defy you to demonstrate just one thing they do that actually helps the middle class. They not only increase taxes on the rich but also will fight to cut them further. They refuse to increase minimum wage, they outsource jobs, they move money overseas to tax havens to increase the tax burden on the poor or lower their living conditions, and they ignore existing environmental controls; need I mention, this is where the people live. Thus, they wreak the environment to drill and frack for oil and gas, which they sell and move the money overseas, and then convince you this somehow helps you, after all you did vote them into power. They privatize everything to take out a profit, which according to their logic helps you. They allow uninhibited increases in tuition to compensate for the lack of tax support money for education and cry about not having enough educated workers; this is logical isn’t it? What is most illogical of all is that the people who vote for Republicans are moving themselves from the middle class into the poor class. 

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