Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The Republican Party operatives use what I refer to as a “debate vise”. They use this tired old same approach to everything they do not agree with by framing the issue between the jaws of the vise. For example, they seriously oppose the Affordable Care Act, the United States tax code that taxes the rich, and now the agreement Secretary Kerry is now negotiating with Iran. They create the jaws of a vise by condemning everything the government does and support their position by saying they would do it different. Democrats often respond by saying give us your ideas, and we will consider them. They never do because there is no such thing as “their” version. They simply do not want government or any other authority interference in their lives. We all know this leads to anarchy at best but ultimately results in caveman style chaos involving every one of the seven billion people now living on the earth.

To understand this, we should think about such simple things as their idols. For example, think of John Wayne sitting on his big horse or General George Smith Patton standing in the turret of a heavily armed tank in a battlefield strewn with dead—of course the dead are all enemy, or if that is not enough, you can think of a very rich person, who can afford everything.  Think of entrepreneurs controlling the lives of thousands of workers. The idea of an idol is equivalent to a dream-like image of what they aspire to become. No connection with reality or consideration of anything practical such as physical strength or IQ, or is anything else required to dream. We don't negotiate; we simply tell the Iranians the way we want things, and that is the way thing will be! We do not need government interference with health care because we are strong and never will get sick or hurt. Republicans feel they can destroy the tax code and magically live very nicely without all the services those tax dollars provide; highways, police, teachers, and a long, long list of etceteras.

I think about this every day. How can it be that masses of otherwise rational people think this way? The only conclusion I can come to is that a persons’ politics is an innate sense derived from an amalgamation of the bestial instincts of gregariousness and hierarchy dominance. We have to look at all of this as we are learning how to live together and how to select who will be the boss. As condescending as it sounds, these thoughts apply to every unit of society and eventually the entire world; it is just that the Republicans have a longer road to travel.   

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