Sunday, March 1, 2015


David Frum was a guest on +Steve Kornacki’s MSNBC show, UP. The background topic was the nuclear disarmament treaty between the United States and several other nations with Iran; however, the upfront topic was a war, but he wants the United States to fight that war for Israel. In addition, he not only wants the people of Israel to reelect him as Prime Minister but also wants the people of Israel to think the United States supports his position on Iran thus opposes Obama’s position. He does not want a peaceful two-state solution with defined world recognized sovereign borders in Palestine as Obama does.

I call attention to the facts related to treaty negotiations and approval David presented knowing that most who listen to him do not know or will even stop to think about the details of this function of government meaning they are susceptible to manipulation, which is precisely what Frum was doing. He belabored the point that Obama is negotiating in secret implying the negotiations were in dimly lighted dark rooms in the recesses of the White House and that Congress is not included. Obviously, a blow-by-blow or statement-by-statement account is such complex negotiating was ridiculous. He didn’t even blink when he cited the results of a vote that was never taken in which “almost” 100 to nothing in the senate opposed to what Obama is negotiating, and on and on. Nor did he mention the shameful Israeli manipulation of Boehner, a man who has trouble staying up with the herd even in domestic affairs.

As I listened to Frum, I could not help but think about President Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations Treaty negotiating in 1919 with the European leaders. The circumstances are so parallel that it is spooky—history repeating itself. The negotiation of treaties is a Constitutional responsibility given to the President, who has the entire Department of State to help. At the end of the negotiation, the final treaty is present to the Congress for approval. Wilson and the diplomatic corps negotiated a treat they established a “League of Nations”, which was intended to end all wars. The President presented the treaty to the Congress, actually the Senate, of the United States and they rejected it. Henry Cabot Lodge, right wing chair of the Foreign Relations Committee and personal enemy of Wilson, opposed the treaty on the grounds that “League would commit the United States to an expensive organization that would reduce the United States’ ability to defend its own interests”. The people of the United States were tired of war; after all, the first-world war had just ended. The Senate failed to the treaty by a 49 to 35 votes. The direct result was the most destructive war in history, WW II with its 50 to 80 million dead.

Obama is involved in difficult negotiations. Every cooperating county, sometimes referred to as the P5 +1,  has similar arrangements with their governments in negotiations with the nuclear disarmament Iran. This number refers to the United Nations Security Council of five plus Germany. Israel is not directly included. The point is that countries leaders negotiate and the parliaments approve treaties.

David Frum is dishonest. By supporting Netanyahu, he is supporting a policy that is sure to promote hate for Israel and unfortunately and unfairly promote anti-Semitism, not only in the United States but also around the world. There is a huge and important difference between hate for a bad Israeli policy and hate Jews because of malicious self-serving leadership. Israel is too important in the peace process in the Middle East to have it destroyed by the evil doings of one man. If you really stop and think about it, the proposed nuclear arms limitation treaty with Iran would commit the United States to stand, as it should—in peace—with Israel forever.

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