Sunday, March 15, 2015


We can learn from Israel! According to their laws, individuals may contribute a maximum of $600, to a particular candidate or party in an election year. Anonymous donations are illegal. Laws forbid corporations giving as well as unions and other organizations. Only Israeli citizens may make campaign donations. So how does corrupt American influence Israeli elections? If you are Sheldon Adelson, a United States Citizen, you buy a newspaper, fill it with pro Netanyahu right-wing propaganda, and then give it free on the streets at the cost of $3-million a month. In case you are wondering, this same Sheldon Adelson donates millions to right-wing candidates in the Untied States.

What puzzles me is why does he want to influence Israeli politics? He is a worldwide owner of gambling casinos, a business in which Israel seemingly cannot help or hurt. I conclude he does what he does with the mistaken belief he is helping to protect Israel from Arab aggression. This means, at least to me, that he cannot see the danger of perpetual war in the Middle East as the Right wing Israelis want. It is not a surprise to learn that Sheldon was one of Senator Tom Cotton’s major contributors. Recently elected Cotton was the author of the treasonous letter to Iran; the money you lost playing Black Jack is at work.  

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