Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The black and white result of the horrific Israeli election should be clear to everyone, but my fear is people do not understand they will get what they ask.

Yesterday’s Israeli election results turned out, as I feared they would but sincerely hoped would not happen. Small groups founded on hate and fear controls politics in what I consider a very strange way; a form of fraud named, “bait and switch”. The issues headlined in the election were housing and the Israeli economy, which most people voted on; however, this was not the important issue, which controlled a minority but decisive vote. The importance issue used by the radical group to gain power was hate and fear of Muslims embodied as hate for Iran. Netanyahu controls that radical group. In the United States, the issues people voted on were abortion, same-sex marriage, racism, Common Core, etc. The decisive issue in the Untied States was to shift the power from the “We the People” to the economic elite or “government by the 1%”.

The eventual results of the Israeli elections could be as bad for the world as the eventual results could be as bad as November 15 elections could be for the United States, if not worse. For public consumption, the United States Nov. 4 elections gave control of the US Congress to Republicans. In truth, our Congress is now controlled by a small group identified as the Radical right-wing Tea Party just as the radical right-wing Likud Party controls Israel. The Tea Party hates government, taxes, and any form of altruism. Once they succeed in destroying government by bribery, etc. the rich will step into the void and take over; the result is a plutocracy. In the Middle East, Israel sees themselves as the ones who will step in and take over once the United States disarms all Arab countries.

The tragedy is that the two radical groups Likud and the Tea Party joined forces, which means they are uniting their aims. The tragedy is that it means perpetual war until they achieve their aims. Does anyone have any question about the meaning of the word ‘perpetual’?

There is hope. In the United States is called the Democratic Party and in Israel it is called V15, meaning victory in 2015. V15  is a new group of Israelis mainly, but also internationals as well. It is essentially unknown. I would urge widespread support for this group. To give a hint at the purpose of the group, V15 recently, declared they cannot allow “another generation of Israelis and Palestinians to grow up in hatred”. After some effort searching on the internet, I found that this V15 is associated with and organization named OneVoice, which was founded by a Mexican American Jew named Lubetzky.

Lubetzky said we were trying to create a grass-roots effort that would attain a consensus among Palestinians and Israelis. He goes on to explain the hard reality of conflict in Israel. His point hit home with me; the world seems to gloss over the internal conflict. The result is they listen to Netanyahu’s hate, hate, hate; therefore, their opinion what he wants it to be, the United States Congress, for example. I have posted blogs on this subject for several years and included the international Jewish community in my remarks. I repeat, “We cannot allow another generation of Israelis and Palestinians to grow up in hatred.” Need I mention that Netanyahu has deeply held hate, which will spread to include anti-Semitism? ONEVOICE US, P.O. Box 1577-OCS, New York, NY 10113, USA, (212) 897-3985

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