Thursday, February 26, 2015


The State Senate in Wisconsin just passed another law on their road to destroy all workers rights. It is the 25th states to have deceitfully named “right to work laws”, which lawmakers designed to destroy unions. Every year there are more and more anti-union laws. Every economist seems to agree that as unionism disappears from the workplace wages fall. As wages fall, company profits increase and bonuses get bigger, broadening the disparity between the rich and poor. At a time in history when workers should be flourishing because, individual productivity has increased due to automation in some jobs. Technology and education have increased most workers productivity, even those working in service jobs: easier and more efficient transportation, ease of communication, increases in machine efficiency, for example. Instead of sharing the increase in productivity, the executives keep it all for themselves.

Because there obviously are many more workers than there are executives and because we live in a democracy, the objectives of Republican laws, such as this one, are to manipulate the political system. They create a vicious cycle that includes many aspects. They cheat by destroying unions and they destroy unions by electing people who do not believe in workers rights. In the 25-states where these laws are in force, Republicans control the State Legislatures. They work very hard to take away any mention of unions during campaigns; it is all about abortion, same-sex marriage, lowering taxes, liberals who cheat on welfare, gun rights, and not about voting records. We need a pro-union rating like the National Rifleman Association rates every elected individual right down to school boards but especially state elected offices, which is where most of their mischief is done. We need lists of union-busting lawyers, for examples, and avoid hiring one of them for anything. We need lists of union busting news and media outlets and turn them off. We need not patronize stores that mistreat their workers and not buy products made by non-union workers and tell them why we are not doing business with them. If you do not do these things, we will elect people like +Thom Tillis in North Carolina—there can be nothing worse for unions than doing this.

As is the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision, the “right to work” laws are classic examples of the benefit of controlling elections. Politicians appointed judges and industrialist control the politicians; industrialist Koch brothers bought the court and you set on your backsides on your couch with a cool can of beer watching some meaningless game, while they work to destroy your ability to buy that beer. All you have to do is get up and go voter!!! They elect union hating legislators by voter suppression, gerrymandering, appointing union busting judges. The hate for unions results from the fact that unions collect money and donate to people who support unions—no union no donations. As WW II Stalin used to say; if a man is giving you a problem, if you don’t have the man, you don’t have the problem. We do not want to go that far, but we can make sure they are not elect “that person”. 

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