Sunday, February 8, 2015


I watched a film on Israel Video Network. On the bottom of the face page, there was an “Urgent Poll” asking the question intended to provoke hate, “Should Obama be impeached over Benghazi?” There also were hyperlinks on the website to the “Land of Israel” and “Latest News”. Clearly, it was radical right wing Israel government propaganda. It featured Muslim women activists asking for support to stop violence against women supported by atrocious, grisly, pictures of mutilated and dead women. A friend directed me to the site, particularly the film. I am convinced my friend feels I would come away with the feeling that we should “kill them all” for their crimes against humanity and let God sort them out. My friend is a smart person, but I can guarantee he has not answered the obvious question once he is standing in a sea of blood; what come next?

Because of the circumstance surrounding the situation in the Middle East, I found it horrendous that the Israeli government sponsors such a film. A sovereign government being associated with a hate film such as this is simply not acceptable. Everyone in the world, Christian, Jew, and Muslim should condemn the treatment of women in this manner. I would be the first in line to do that. We should all join the activists in raising their voice in support of women. What makes this so wrong is that it is being done in the name of Israeli nationalism—it is being done to enlist people to join Israel in suppressing a small group of Muslims living in Palestine—the thinking seems to be, “our enemy is your enemy”. Everyone should hate Muslims for being Muslims. It is why I despise Netanyahu and the land grabbing right wing party in that country and having been calling for his demise. We will never have peace in the world nor will anti-Semitism die, with leaders like him. We have had enough hate.

That being said, we can learn from this film. I watched it several times to make sure; not one of the female activists said anything about hating Muslims. What they did was decried the treatment of females by males within the context of that religion. I think of President Obama and his treatment of ISIS; we must decry the behavior of Muslim radical Islamist within the context of that religion. Netanyahu hates Obama for that; he wants us all to hate 1.2 billion people in the world. Maybe we won’t care if he kills the all and takes their land. We disparaged the hatred of Nazis in the 1930s early 1940 for their horrible treatment of Jews. I can remember the turning back of ships filled with European refugees in the United States ports. I can remember as a child the cries to kill them all, meaning all Germans. We knew a fair percentage of our U. S. population was German immigrants, which was one of the reasons my parents felt we should support the creation of Israel never, even in our worst nightmares, dreaming that country would have a leader developing into a hate machine directed against Muslims.   

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