Sunday, February 22, 2015


How does a Republican define an American? He is tough, good looking, tall sitting on a tall horse, and willing to fight for an honorable good cause. He is a John Wayne wearing a big white hat. He is a loyal, born in the United States, flag waving patriotic American ready and willing to fight to the death to defend his country. He is a General George Patton defiantly riding in the turret of a 30,000-pound tank. He is a clean-shaven, hard hat working American laborer drinking a well-earned cold beer while watching a football game. By the way, he bought the beer with his money; what he had left after the Government took away his money to pay for lazy liberals. He knows these things for a fact because he is an armchair quarterback who always gets it right.

That is all great and wonderful but then one has to ask what do they think a Democrat is? Where does that leave all of those people who are not Republicans? By default, they define Democrats as everything they are not. Democrats are people they can be disparagingly referred to as liberals who are either a dirty, lazy, overweight, half shaved cowardly loser sitting on a porch, smoking a cigarette, or welfare queens eating the best steaks paid for by food stamps or doing drugs bought with welfare checks paid for by the hard working Americans. They are not Americans even if born in the United States. They say this by saying their birth certificates are false or invalid or something like that. By the way, neither General George Patton nor John Wayne is black. If someone who is not born here says he loves America, he is lying; if they are not American they simply cannot love America.

How do I know these things about Republicans? I listen to Scott Walker and Rudy Giuliani. I listen to Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. I could list Paul Ryan and Thom Tillis in a long, long list of other losers who are busy raking in money from the Koch brothers to describe our President to Joe Scarborough, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Rielly, Rush Limbaugh, etc. What is really bad is Democrats who let them get away with this.             

There is a danger in being cynical because people, who sincerely believe these guys, perhaps are not capable of understanding what cynicism is. 

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