Wednesday, February 18, 2015


                             Tammy Meyers, a 44-Year-Old Mother of Four Dies

A road rage incident hits the headlines when the family of a mother of four took her off life support after she had been shot in the head following the innocent act of teaching her 15-year old daughter how to drive. This story had all the elements of a good old heartbreaking cowboy style drama; an innocent white hat shot by an evil black hat forcing the loving family to face the heart rendering decision to remove her from “life” support. Then something really horrible happened; the full story revealed the truth. That story revealed what a terrible state we have generated in out society.

The women or her daughter’s error in driving offended someone in a “gray silver sedan”. The two parties exchanged words. The women went home, sent here daughter into the house to get her son with the specific instructions for him to bring his “registered” gun. She then went looking for and found the offending driver. The silver sedan followed here home where the two parties exchanged fire. It was a “shootout at the OK corral”. A bullet hit the mother in the head.

This is how I see the story. The government issued the 22-year old son a permit to own and carry a gun. Obviously, to this young man, the purpose of the second amendment was that people can and should own guns to defend themselves. I am sure he saw what he was doing as defending himself and his mother that is doing exactly why he had the gun. Those who have deliberately ignored the words in the Constitution, which actually says citizens can own guns if they belong to an organized militia. Clearly, a militia, or state-controlled army, which is there to protect the interest of the state in the new formed federations of states. Our founding fathers have written this section of the Constitution as if they were ignoring the obvious existence of police, armed individuals, or groups of individuals who are there to protect individual. Sheriffs or police existed then and exist today.

The proper thing for him and his mother was to call the police. Rather than call the police she called her untrained, inexperienced son. People, who think as he does, deny logic and tradition and feel they can protect themselves better than the police can do, which this case clearly shows, is ridiculous. In my mind, the bullet in the head of this woman did not come from the son’s gun but here is not question; if her son did not have “his” gun, she would not be dead today. His poor judgment killed his mother.     

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