Friday, February 6, 2015


I listened with great interest to the President address to the Prayer Breakfast. It was one of his finest speeches, which is why I was shocked when news analyst Lawrence O’Donnell said it was this worst speech. The speech reminded me of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech when King said something like I have been to the mountaintop and saw the Promised Land. Everyone recognizes that Christianity was as diabolical as Islam, if not worse, at one time in its history. The Catholic church slaughter thousands of people but learned that over time, it took centuries, that ruling by hate and terror drives away followers and that love and peace draws followers. We all know that man shapes religion, as he shapes heaven; we can make it into to what we want it to be. We also know religion is a game of numbers; it is not whether they love of hate but it is the biggest church prevails.

What Obama is doing is leading the Islamic religion onto a path Christianity took centuries ago. He knows he cannot go into their Mosques and tell them they are bad asses, but he can tell them they are the ones who have to teach themselves that lesion.  That is what he did at the Prayer Breakfast. Lawrence O’Donnell joined the right wing in accepting the idea that the concept that all Muslims are bad. The John McCain faction wants to kill them all—1.2 billion of them—until those that remain act like sniveling dogs. It reminded me of the printing on tee shirts; “Kill them all and let God sort them out”. It seems to be their desire to get rid of everything and start all over again; only this time “we” should shape those who remain into something like Christianity. Of course, the meaning of “we” in that sentence is where the problem Obama recognized. He knows it will never work; he knows it did not work in the Plantation South, it did not work in South Africa, it is not working in Palestine, and it did work with indigenous Americans.

Our FAR SIGHTED President went to the mountaintop, looked over, and saw that titles such as Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Buddhist make no difference just as Martin Luther king saw that skin color makes no difference. When such titles are no longer significant, it will be the Promised Land. 

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