Thursday, February 19, 2015


It is amazing to listen to the liberal Muslims complain about President Obama’s approach to the Middle Eastern problem. He cannot make it any more plain. Muslims must clean their own house of radical terrorists. In response, for example, Linda Sarsour, a self-appointed spokeswoman is adamant that the President should have come to her for advice, because “she knows how to talk to Muslim youth”, etc.  She said she thinks the President should mercilessly attack Muslims with who she does not agree.

I would remind her that she is a liberal and the President is telling her that is precisely what he is telling her to do. Liberals Muslims should attack the Islamic terrorist, who uses the name of their religion the way they do. They are exactly who she and her fellow liberal Muslims should be attacking. That is exactly what “no boots on the ground” means. The United States and everyone else is tired of fighting and failing to win against them for the simple reason when we do, liberals Muslims join radical Muslims in protecting what they see as Christians attacking Islam. The ISIS terrorists, for example, use this sense of religious unity against liberals Muslims as well as Christians and everyone else. Listen to their propaganda; fight against Westerner, which is how they label Christians while they kill Muslims, such as Linda Sarsour, with who disagrees with them.  Linda, get real, fight your own enemies, we are tired of you, and your cheap, attention-getting rhetoric in criticizing our President; you were born in this country so he is your President too, but most important he is right!

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