Saturday, February 28, 2015


Now is the time to get involved in politics. A common pastime in this country is to complain bitterly about what is happening in your home state, in Washington, and in the world. People complain or do not complain because you agree or do not agree with decisions made by those in government. People often frame their complaints in a way suggesting the government does not represent them; as if this is not a democracy. The truth is that the government is a democracy but also it is true that the government does not represent them. This is not double talk; people either have removed themselves from the process of governing or have allowed themselves to be removed from the process.

Admittedly, this post is due to my disgust with what Congress did in Washington; yesterday was a classic example. Radical group of 46 irresponsible right wing-nuts out of 538 representatives were able to prevent funding of a vital department of government with a childish level trick; what they were saying is that is if they do not get their way; they are going to tear down government. Most of us are aghast at the idea of no government but that is exactly what these 46 radicals and those who support them want—if there is no government they the rich are the government—such as the Koch brother, which is why they are radicals. The Koch brothers can do what they do because of a corrupt Supreme Court. Those 46 congressional representative and five justices could do what they did with impunity that is without fear of reprisal from the people of the United States because small gerrymandered districts elected them based on their stance on abortion, same-sex marriage, or racist stance in the case of the justices, protected by what the founders wrote in our Constitution. We, as citizens, naively seem to think we can deny our culpability by saying it is bad law or misused law that has allowed them to do what they do. We cannot do this. Ours is a “government of the people” and our votes still count.

We are preparing ourselves for one of the most important votes, which is for the President of United States. I think you and I both know that special interest groups are in the process of picking our next president. We know our vote will be counted in November 2016; the person with the most votes wins; however, at that stage of the game we do not have a say in who we will be voting for in November, which is why acting now is important. Special interest groups know you are sitting on your backsides on a couch with a can a beer watching a game that will mean nothing tomorrow while they are busy deciding your vote for you. What some paid informant says in the commercial is more important that what happens in Washington that is until the 46 radicals do what they and then we can complain about it as if we really cared.

Every person in this country has gone to school; therefore, they know the branches of government and know how the government works? They know the president holds the most important position in government and can serve for four years but usually a maximum of eight. We all know it is time to decide who our next president will be. We can start to narrow the choice down to which Republican and to which Democrat. We know how political parties shape policies, both domestic and foreign, their candidates will follow if we elect them. We know that presidential candidates have advisors whose advice they follow. We know congressional representatives modify but generally follow these same policies. For example, when I see Jeb Bush line up 21 warmongers as advisors, it scares me that the military industrial complex decided he may be the only choice Republicans have to vote for. 

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