Monday, February 16, 2015


As with advertisement, propaganda influences our judgment. People who know about these things tell us we hide most of this in our “subconscious”. We need a general category of product, toothpaste, laundry soap, etc, but allow our sub consciousness make the final judgment, perhaps something as frivolous as color of the packaging. If we stop and think about it, of course, we realize what we have allowed to happen, and make a more rational decision; we reject the idea. It takes time “to think”; this seems to be a fact and reminds me of people using this fact to determine what information is contained in our subconscious mind. This becomes scary when political operatives, especially terrorist groups, use this information to entice a person to make decisions. As of late, ISIS or ISIL has been doing that and we respond without taking the time to reason out our response.

BBC headlines scream at us, “A video has emerged apparently showing the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians who had been kidnaped by Islamic State (IS) militants in . . .”. The authors of this simple statement chucked it full of terrorist propaganda, which proves Western media is responding to their acts of terror in exactly the way ISIS wants them to respond; we buy it because of the color of the package and not its contents. First and most important, this small group of misfits wants to spread their message in headlines in major publication; BBC is no different from all major media outlets, who all responded exactly as the terrorist wanted them to respond because of the grisliness of their act, which is  why they committed it.

Check out the message BBC hides for ISIS in this one statement. ISIS is a small gang of terrorist who wants the world to recognize as a huge sized, sovereign, legitimate “state government”; the headline statement credits the act to an “Islamic State (IS)”, which is exactly what the ISIS leaders want. In addition, they targeted is Egypt, which is a Muslim nation that has brokered peace deals with Israel, the enemy of Palestinian people; the ISIS leaders want the religious motivated faction of Muslims in Egypt to join them in their hate for Israel; thus further divide an already religiously troubled population of that country. Thus, the heinous slaughter of innocent Egyptians is a recruitment tool aimed at the radicals in that country. We know volunteers are moving into the area from Muslim countries from around the world. Note the selection of Egyptian “Christians” to behead. In the past, ISIS leaders have been targeting Muslim of a different sect, Jews, and westerners for slaughter; all of a sudden, they target Christians, which fits their avowed purpose, which is to divide the people into supports and enemies and start a mega war between these two groups of people in the world. The media obliged!

If we stop and think about it, buying their propaganda is ridiculous as buying toothpaste because the tube is red; however, we buy toothpaste because we need to brush our teeth. Which begs the question; what do we perceive to be our need to be to buy ISIS rhetoric regardless of how it is packaged. Animals, including humans, have an innate drive aimed at self-protection. If someone attacks us, we feel obliged to attack back. Society is organized around this principle: we protect our own family, tribe, city, state, nation, race, religion, etc. People who study how we think also realize that we learn how to modify innate responses even if it takes a little effort; we refer to this modification as our humanization. Our individual cultures are the result of this process.

Isn’t it about time we learn all these things, family, tribe, city, state, nation, race, religions, among other things are background. They all matter but if we stop to think about it, what matters more is the best quality of life we can manage for as many people as possible. 

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