Wednesday, February 4, 2015


ISIS wins again; it is unbelievable how naive John McCain and his followers are. I am reminded of the dark ages when a priest, who thinks as McCain, does, could order a person burned at the stake for blasphemy and his followers would eagerly follow his orders. In addition, thousands would show up to watch victims wither in misery. How macabre and primitive is that? This is 2015, not the 8th century.

ISIS execute a pilot in the most excruciating way possible—equivalent to burning at the stake—knowing that there are people like John McCain will react the way he did. They committed the deed in the most horrific way possible and the media made it possible for millions to “show up to watch”. The radical ISIS leaders are working to build a tightly organized thus recognizable enclave for people who think the way they do to join because they believe Islam is the way to heaven or if the people live in the region and are afraid not to join for fear of the same fate. For ISIS to accomplish their goals they need recognition by all people in the world; this is exactly the reward the sought by burning that pilot.

Look at more recent history than the dark ages. The 1953 a mob supported by the United Kingdom and paid for by the CIA in response to request by an oil company (now known as BP) marched on democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh's residence in Iran and delivered a coup d'├ętat, known as the 28 Mordad coup. The United States and Britain installed a puppet absolute, who reminded in office until 1979. It should not come as a surprise to know the Republican Eisenhower was sworn in as our president January 1953. In Januar20, 2001, Republican George W. Bush took office and invasion of Iraq took place on 19 March 2003 two years later following plans laid out before he took office. Need I mention that McCain thinks just as Eisenhower and Bush think?

How do the people in the Middle East see this history? Their nationalist feelings along with religious zealotry caused some to build a small and strong coalition based on both nationalism and religious hate, which is ISIS. All humans have a common innate feeling known as “self-preservation”. We see the protection of us and ours as the only reason for the government (we the people) to kill someone; it is lawful to kill in self-defense. If I provoke someone into trying to kill me, I can kill him or her. If I can burn one of your pilots to death or if I can behead one of your compatriots, it may make you angry enough to fight. If I can do that, it is OK to kill you! Everyone knows this is a losing game; it goes nowhere. We have several thousand years of history chucked full of evidence to prove that is the case.

This reminded me of the Cuba situation we now have in the news. After 50 years of sanctions that didn’t work, it is time to try something new. We finally have a President that understands this. He lifted the embargo on Cuba and he is advocating that people in the Middle East fight for themselves. What this does in the Middle East is removes one of the greatest obstacles to finding a solution, which is our country against their country and our religion against their religion: “us against them”. Kill, Kill, Kill. This is beyond John McCain’s capabilities of understanding just as lifting sanctions on Cuba is beyond Marco Rubio’s ability to understand that the embargo didn’t work. We, at least some of us and I hope most of us; don’t hate the people in the Middle East any more than we hate the people of Cuba.

McCain and Rubio are just the other side of the ISIS and Castro coins. Instead of building walls, let's try to build paths; it may be a harder thing to do but will be more rewarding.

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