Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I am pleased that Netanyahu will not meet with Senators Durbin and Feinstein. However, I was upset that they wrote a letter asking him to meet behind closed doors with them as if he was a senator of the 51st State. It is complicated, but the Prime Minister of Israel is running around the world inviting Jews to move to Israel; thus, condoning the repercussions of all if the anti-Muslim hate propaganda supported by Israel. It is part of his campaign to take over all of Palestine, settlement by settlement. The right wing Israelis led by Netanyahu have cleverly expanded this by coupling it to the growing hate for ISIS, which the warmonger elements in our own right wing party in the United States buys as being support for Israel. Of course, most people in the United States, irrespective political party, support Israel. Thus, Netanyahu and his radical right wing party in Israel are creating a growing wave of anti-Semitism around the world with their “hate all Muslim” sentiment and not just Palestinians. The attacks on Synagogues, Jewish neighborhoods, etc are the backlash to Israeli’s hate mongering. Muslims resettled in all of these countries are responding to hate with hate. Have we not had enough hate in the world to last forever?

I was shock to hear Joe Scarborough on MSNBC this morning decry the wave of hate for Jews around the world and then not blame anyone for it—in his backhanded way he blamed Obama—he acted as if he was clueless as to why Netanyahu does not agree with Obama’s “two-state” solution to resolve the Palestine-Israeli conflict. In addition, Scarborough acted ignorantly of Obama’s declaration that Islamist must solve their own problem, which he made unequivocally with his no boots on the ground policy.

If Palestine is a nation, it will have sovereign borders and Netanyahu could not cross those borders to build settlements—he doesn’t want that, but Obama does. He wants the United States to go to war with Iran on their behalf—he wants that, but Obama doesn’t. Netanyahu wants everyone in the world to hate all Muslims in support of Israel’s fight with Palestine—he wants continual war so he can reap the spoils of that conflict but Obama does not. Obama wants Muslims, not outside forces to destroy the radical elements called ISIS—Netanyahu wants war with all Muslims to support his selfish interests in Palestine.
Isn’t it strange; to bolster their politics of war-mongers are inviting a hate-monger to speak to them consequently, the American media are please, that they have something to distort sometimes intentionally so as was clearly the case as an MSNBC guest did this morning. Journalist Katty Kay was a guest on Morning Joe this morning where in spite of the well-known and clearly stated support for a “two-state policy” to bring peace to Israel and Palestine, and the equally clearly stated “no boots on the ground policy”, adamantly claimed America has no policy in the Middle East. She should know better because she grew up in the Middle East, as the daughter of a British diplomat, has a degree in economics, and extensive experience living in a Muslim country (Zimbabwe). Just as our Republican Party claims we have no policy—if we are not dropping bombs or sending troops, we do not have a policy.   

I hope the American people realize that hate coupled with hate will not yield anything good. 

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