Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Most of us, conservatives and liberals, want to see the government function. The idea of defunding the Department of Homeland Security has to have an origin somewhere in Congress but it is not easy to put a name on exactly who is responsible. We know it is Republicans. We know why they are doing it. What we don’t know is exactly who is doing it other than the entire GOP caucus. It appears that 46 members who come from radical districts are responsible for manipulating the Speakers of the House, John Boehner. By preventing some voters and allowing other votes has prevented funding of a “clean funding bill”. The underlying stimulus is hate for President Obama. The claim is that it is to block executive action on immigration, but all evidence suggests that is not true. The President has been calling for the Republican Congress to write and pass such legislation making the executive order unnecessary; they could have written what they wanted to write, but they refused. If they did that, the public would be able to identify the authors and those who identified with writing and voting for very unpopular laws. Of course, the conflict is that it would be very popular with their very small “hate Obama” and “hate the government” crowd.

The bottom line is simple. A very weak, ineffective Speaker of the House is an innate Republican, which means if he will adhere to Party doctrine no matter what, which includes the Hastert Rule; he has to be enough “Republican votes” to pass legislation or it will not be voted or even brought up for a vote. When Boehner subtracts the 46 votes, he no longer has a majority vote. The result is a minority, that is 46 radical Republicans, have usurped Republican power. Together, Democrats and Republicans could easily pass legislation to fund the DHS.

All I can say, is Republicans are wrong, wrong, wrong. For those of you who are quick to say no, it is not just republicans; it is both Democrats and Republicans. I say to them, please point out one instance, just one, where Democrats followed the Hastert rule! Their objective is to hate Obama, hate government, hate everything, and you voted for them because you don’t like gay marriage or abortion, or segregation, or pay taxes, or, or, or anything but good government. Hate blinds them. Good government can be either liberal or conservative but  is governing.     

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