Sunday, February 8, 2015


When the House of Representatives was controlled Washington, D.C., the government was dysfunctional. Americans from coast to coast were complaining and giving low, low, marks to congress—rating them below 10%. The way these polls are conducted is that they ask people the question, but fail to ask them why the government is bad or ask if they are going to do anything about it.

 On Nov., 4, 2914, the American People sat out the election on their couches watching sports games, movies, or TV novellas; they watched anything but political news. The lament was, we want to enjoy life so why torment ourselves with the hard facts of life ending with the question; “What can we do about it?” Those few who thought they were watching the new were actually watching news analysis programs, which definitely are not news programs. All the “talking heads” on these programs and publications, with their captive audiences, such as Fox New and Personal Liberty Digest, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Scarborough, Bob Livingston, George Will have a common, “hate the government, hate politics, and hate the President” theme. All of this hate has an innate appeal, thus acceptance, which is driven by individualism. We all see ourselves a John Wayne types sitting on a tall horse in a commanding position without realizing we cannot even control ourselves let alone anyone else. Intuitively, we know that in a world of 7 billion people it is impossible to live like hermits live; however, with all of this hate everybody else reinforcement, we seem to think we can.

The result has been very few voted and we end up with a Congress controlled by radical one issue individualist scampering in all directions; same-sex marriage, church driven anti-abortion, GOP-driven voter suppression, Republican driven shifting taxes to the backs of workers, deregulation of industry. We have tremendous problems in the Middle East with Israel, ISIS, Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc; we have a building problem in Russia with the Ukraine, we have European anti-Semitism building to a crisis level. We have a social-economic crisis building around the world because of the out of control blossoming of technology where manufacturing has been shifting from masses of workers to a few automated machines and robots, which drives down prices of manufactured goods and wages while profits and prices of services are increasing. In the face of a growing world population, this “economic revolution” demands we restructure society. “We the people” cannot just sit on our couches watching some game that will be over in an hour or so.

The nation is in crisis, and our Republican controlled Congress does nothing; they will not even make a “war powers” decision or refund the Department of Homeland Security or pass immigration legislation. The same politicians chase their own tail by spending money but will not increase taxes then cry about the increasing National debt and fiscally irresponsible government. The TV talking heads and libertarian authors drone on and on about how we should hate government—stay home, do not vote, sit on you couch and enjoy life.

What is there concerning, “we the people” that you do not understand? The better question is; Are you sorry yet that you did not vote?  

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