Sunday, January 25, 2015


Something that has been going on for a very long time is the right-wing political establishment is trying to steal the constitution and to a large degree, they have succeeded. They call themselves “fundamentalists”.  We don’t have to be constitutional scholars to realize that our Constitution was written in general terms; to do other wise would be ridiculous. In addition, we can look at the basic premise put forth by that document, which was to shift the power to govern from royalists to the people. While it is true that there were many interpretations of who could vote versus who could not in a country where we had slaves as well as people who were indentured servants versus those who owned property, the basic intent and purpose of that sentiment still held.

From the day that document was written, there have been forces pushing to repeal that idea. Those forces have been gaining ground to the point where they have corrupted our system of government. They have no gained in numerical power but have gained in influence. As an example, the Koch brothers launched a massive campaign designed to influence Americans about how we think about our president. Think about the “disconnect” between our Constitution and our beliefs; we have been enticed to hate the elected leader of our Nation, and many people do. They hate the person “we the people elected”. Now they have moved to the phase where they will pick a president for the American people. That meeting is now in progress in Palm Springs. They are even bold enough to call it a “convention”, meaning there meeting replaces the Republican Party convention—they bought the Party and it is theirs to do with as they please. Is there anyone as naive as to thing they will pick a president that has the interest of the people in his heart—I use that pronoun because only male candidates were invited.

I read comment after comment in the media about how this or that persons hates Obama. What is invariably missing is a solid reason why they hate the man. It is just empty hate, which tells me the Koch brother’s campaign has paid off for them. In addition, to hate for the President, they have been promoting hate for “government”. Again, it is empty hate. You can judge the success of their efforts by noting the number of people who now believe it is useless to vote—our vote does not count so why bother.

Yesterday, a fellow wrote a significant comment stating actually, taxation is unconstitutional. Can it be that “we the people” now believe the way the Koch Brothers, actually the plutocrats, read the Constitution is the way it was written? This fellow proves that for some, the plutocrats have stolen Constitution.

The right wing media fills its pages with comments all saying the same thing; “hate Obama” and “hate the government”. This is strange because according to the Constitution, we are the government; they want you to hate yourself. All of these comments had one thing in common; they never gave a reason why we should hate this or that. However, the unspoken reason they want you to hate yourself is that they could care less whether voters love them or hate them; they want the power of the government. They want to repeal all of this, “we the people” nonsense some of us think is so important. 

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