Monday, January 26, 2015


I like the Forbes headline but I liked the accompanying story more:

Bibi Netanyahu -- aka 'The Republican Senator From Israel' -- May Have Made A Fatal Political Mistake

Speaker of the House Boehner has damaged his reputation as an American forever. Disgracefully, he allowed himself to be maneuver by the lying Israeli Ambassador to the United States and by Netanyahu. Boehner is second in line to be president and he has joined a foreign leader to oppose United States Foreign policy. He did it for cheap political gain. I have repeatedly posted on this blog site my reasons I think Netanyahu is bad for peace in the Middle East and causing an increase in anti Semitism around the world. I sincerely hope both Boehner and Netanyahu are somehow removed from office. I think voters in Israel will grant my wish after this disastrous invitation but I do not know how we can get rid of Boehner no matter how hard I wish.   

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