Wednesday, January 21, 2015


There has been unprecedented progress in the Middle East, but in keeping with what the president said last night, if all you can see is the military aspect of that situation you will miss it. John Mc Nasty, Lindsey Graham, Benjamin Netanyahu, and people like them fail to see the region cowed by being bombed into oblivion so to them the U.S. and its coalition of nations have accomplished nothing. If we cannot tie them up like wild dogs and poke them with a sharp stick every time we feel we want to, then we are not in charge. They feel is foreign governments do not fear us they will not respect us. That was has been the basis of our foreign policy since our founders formed out nation almost 250 years ago. Stephen Kinzer, in his book, Overthrown; America Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq, explains what happens if small countries do not allow themselves to be tied.

The progress the world has made, with Obama leading, will be earth shaking if we can keep it. The protagonists in the war on terror are being turned inward. Muslims are being forced to fight “their own” extremist within their own ranks. They strike out at the West with gruesome acts of terror but we are doing everything we can to point out that ISIL is doing the most harm to other Muslims. We see a journalist beheaded on our TV screens’, which few if any Muslims see. What they see are small bands of marauding ISIL extremists beheading, shooting, raping, and pillaging their villages. We allow Muslims into out countries to see there is another way of life but also to communicate back to their native countries how nice it is not to have to worry about ISIS but also to point out that ISIS is evil.  John Mc Nasty, Lindsey Graham, Benjamin Netanyahu, and right wing extremists like them, who cannot see the difference between an extremist and a peace loving person; they  are the ones who try to make living our countries unpleasant as they can for “all” Muslims. They are the ones who respond to their acts of terror the way the extremists want; ban burkas, stop all immigration, kick out all foreigners, no Masques in New York City, Christians against Muslims, etc.

The disturbing part and even hard to believe is that the right wing extremist seems to want the unrest. I can see why Netanyahu is poking a sharp stick at the tied up Palestinians; he wants more of their land, but it is hard to understand though talking John McCain’s and the Lindsey Grahams reasoning for bombing and wiping out (poking a sharp stick) at all Muslims. For lack of another reason, it seems to be innate. For example, why would a relatively sane person living in a peaceful, crime-free neighborhood in the Minneapolis Minnesota suburb as far removed culturally and geographically from the Middle East as you can get but still want to own an assault rifle, a weapon designed to kill people, with 100 or even 1,000 round of ammunition to protect him or herself from terrorists—it makes no sense.

Our insightful President Obama has made much progress in the Middle East. He knows the only way to defeat Muslims extremist is to force Muslims to defeat them from inside their religion:  from inside their families, mosques, villages, and countries. He has been saying this for several years. He said this again last night but how many heard him? I fear the answer to that question is that everyone heard him but few understand; especially those with assault rifles in their living rooms!

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