Thursday, January 22, 2015


Morning Joe (MSNBC) was more than his usual disgusting self this morning. Of course, the subject was Obama’s speech and, of course, Joe was his usual self in as much as he was back-stabbing people who he just claimed to be his friends. What was disgusting was the extension of the new Republican lie. What makes me angry is that people seem to believe it.

The “do nothing Congress” is famous for it inactivity. The Scarborough sycophants said is that Congress did nothing because they opposed to Obama’s policies. What they emphasized was that the new Congress, now that the American people were smart enough to give them control, would focus on rebuilding the failing infrastructure in the United States. Of course, according to them, the people elected Republicans because the Democrats were doing nothing. For six years, Obama has been screaming for money to rebuild the infrastructure and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives did nothing but pass bills they know would not pass in the Senate; ridiculous things like fifty times passing legislation to destroy Obamacare, or to prohibit abortion, or tax breaks for the rich, etc. The bottom line is that what they did was intentionally pass bills they knew would go nowhere so they could say what they were saying this morning.

Now they are ready to do what Obama wanted to do and they want to take credit for the jobs created by putting money into infrastructure. They feel that Obama has gotten the budget under control there is money to do this. When they are doing the spending, austerity budget cuts and the national debt means nothing to them. They say they do not want to raise taxes to pay for this; rather, they want to cut taxes on the job creators.  Everyone knows cutting taxes does not increase jobs; this is a lie and they know it.

The George W. Bush tax cuts (2001-2003) lowered federal income, capital gains taxes, and dividend income, decreased marriage penalties. It increased tax credits from $500 to $1000 per child and eliminated phase out of personal exemptions for the rich and on itemized deduction. The legislation eliminated the estate tax. Survey after survey indicated unequivocally that tax cuts did not create one job; in fact, the opposite was true; jobs were lost and the crisis of 2008 was the results. Republicans intentionally created that economic crisis so they could do exactly what they did this morning.

In addition, we all know their cries for austerity, they so easily turn on and off, are no more than a cover to destroy social programs, while keeping oil, and agricultural subsidies in place. I will not get into their barrage of lies about entitlement. The only thing good about the Joe Scarborough show this morning was that the dishonesty of the entire Republican Party political philosophy was on full display. The tragedy is that it is working.

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