Thursday, January 22, 2015


John Boehner, out of ignorance, invited Benjamin Netanyahu, the President of Israel, to speak before the Congress of the Untied States. He did it to insult President Obama. He met his objective, but he also insulted the people of the United States including many U.S. Jews. I see the same short-sightedness when in comes to the so-called Latino community. All Jews are the same just as all Latinos are the same.

His invitation by opposition party political leaders in Congress of a controversial figure to speaker to congress for political purposes is not unprecedented. General Douglas MacArthur addressed Congress on April 19, 1951 after President Truman had dismissed him as Commander in Chief of the United Nations Forces in Korea. He wanted to invade China. The war hawks in Congress were pleased by his quote, “Old Soldiers never die; they just fade away.” Today, there are those in Congress, at the behest of Netanyahu, who wants the United Sates to start and fight an all-out war in the Middle East—destroy Iran and any other country that objects to the treatment Palestinians by the extreme right wing Israeli government led by him. They are war hawks of the worst kind—war without reason.

I make a distinction between Jews who support Netanyahu and his extreme malfeasance and those who support Obama in his quest to disarm Iran in the name of peace. This division of Jews is not just in Israel it exists in the United States. In the U.S. and in Europe, there is another aspect, which is anti Semitism. In Europe, especially France, this ugly pot rather then dying as it should but has boiled over. Netanyahu was invited there by French President Hollande as a gesture of friendship to Jews, but he used the opportunity to invite French Jews to immigrate to Israel thus stirred the pot. The treatment of Jews in Palestine has added to anti-Semitism around the world, including in the United States. It was interesting that Hollande’s popularity increase tremendously following the horrendous incidents of Paris. Boenher’s popularity will increase among the warmongers from extending this invitation but I would predict anti Semitism will increase. The pot will never boil in the U.S. but the Boehner invitation and Netanyahu speech will certainly extend this smoldering unrest.  

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