Monday, January 26, 2015


We seem to be in a news blackout. Look at what is happening that we barely hear about. President Obama is in India negotiating a huge trade deal to open up a market of 1.25 billion people. He is negotiating with new rulers in Saudi Arabia that has wide religious impaction for peace in the Middle East. He is facing the problem of invitation of having radical right wing Netanyahu speak before congress, which was made by Boehner, the  ignorant leader of the opposition party, to intentional interfere in international negotiation—Boehner inserting himself into the Israeli political process. The lazy Republican controlled a congress that failed to do anything for two years but are now trying to undo what the President did for them.

We do hear about the election in Greece, where voters trashed right-wing austerity in the last election but fail to hear about the part Obama is playing in negotiating the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. The important news stories the media failed to cover go on and on—the list is long and growing. Koch brothers spend millions and million in a propaganda campaign to trash Obama, but what is driving this blackout?  I think it is still an outgrowth of that campaign; the media absolutely refuse to acknowledge any of the great things this President accomplishes, more than any other president did. If you want to have a sleepless night, think of what would happen if George W. Bush was still president or if John McNasty with Sarah Palin as Vice President had been elected; OMG.  

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