Friday, January 30, 2015


The best way to avoid criticism is to do nothing, which is bad advice. I write a post every day and comment on articles on right-wing news outlets. A protagonist attacked me for using the work ‘idiot’. He was right. When a reasonably sane person evaluates a situation an irrational decision I think it means he or she is an idiot and said so. The term is vulgar and I should not be used it; however, the sentiment is correct; THEREFORE, TO EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS IN THAT WANT IS VULGAR. The entire Republican delegation in both the House and the Senate including a few Democrats voted for the Keystone pipeline.

A foreign company has requested permission of the American Government to build an oil pipeline across the entire nation from North to South. There is a question of the use of government “eminent domain’, the right to take property for the good of the people. Property owners in several states are objecting to private company taking private land for commercial purposes. The oil is tar sands oil, which is one of the most polluting fossil fuels known. It will be used somewhere in the world, which means it will pollute the world atmosphere. If the pipeline breaks, it has the potential of endangering a major aquifer in the midsection of out country. The oil is heavy and sinks not floats on water, which makes it very difficult to clean up. After a construction company builds the pipeline, there is literally no benefit to our country in terms of creating jobs (30 jobs to maintain it). Once the oil gets to Texas, it will be refined and shipped to China (6 or 7 workers to refine it). Of course, the air pollution generated from refining this dirty oil will remain for the people of the world especially Texas to breath. It is now against the law to export oil United States oil from our ports, but of course, this is Canadian oil. This is a setback to our President’s successful fight to decrease use of fossil fuel and replace it with renewable energy sources: wind, tide, etc.

The current effort of leaders of Middle Eastern oil countries to flood the market with oil has driven down the cost of oil, which means the economic benefit of shipping low grade Canadian oil to bump on the world market is becoming prohibitive. I have heard costs of $13 per barrel to ship it from Canada to Texas and $3 a barrel to pump it out of the ground in the Middle Eastern deserts.

My conclusion is that allow this Keystone pipeline to be built is irrational, which means more than half of the 535 Members of Congress; 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives are idiots. Are you sorry yet for the way you voted on Nov.4 or for setting on your couch drinking a beer while watching a sports event and not voting! Dose beer ads at halftime really are fetching, ain’t they? 

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