Saturday, January 31, 2015


Belize is a beautiful country because of its diversity in climate, including its flora and fauna. Because of their diversity, the people refer to them selves as a “rainbow coalition”. Over one hundred different species of birds, uncountable butterflies, 80 plus species of orchids, etc, etc. The barrier reef is the longest in our hemisphere. But something is happening. I have a United States conservative friend who lives in Belize—an all around nice guy. This fellow often mentions how he supports conservation issues and shows pictures of himself on a tractor on some farmland he owns. Recently, my friend repeated has indicated he strongly supports conservative issue including the building the Keystone pipeline across the Untied Sates; something I find this mind-boggling.

My point is simple. We have an issue of drilling for oil off the coast of Belize thus putting the reef into jeopardy. We have a United Sates conservative in Belize, which is as ridiculous as a football player wearing high heel shoes is; he just does not fit. I am wasting my time waiting for him to comment about the drilling. The usual way conservatives respond to conflict is to remain silent until they vote. I am certain when it comes to a vote he would vote to drill for the oil and to hell with the reef. Money in the bank for business is a sure thing while the danger of the reef is something that will not happen until after it does. Belize is no place for a Conservative!  There is a famous song in Belize about, Just Another Gringo in Belize. My conservative friend is not just another gringo.

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