Monday, July 7, 2014


#Snowden is in the news again. Our prison system does not allow criminals to profit by writing about their crimes but until he and #Greenwald are convicted, he can do what he wants. He and his cohorts, who include #Rachael Maddow and #Chris Hayes among others, are milking his theft of government secrets for it is worth but they are doing it at a horrendous price. Terrorists, or even common criminals, are not stupid; they can learn and profit from incidents like the Snowden theft of government secrets and the righteous political response to such incidents. All of this “American citizens are special people with special protections under the law” is complex and certainly has limits.

Just as most people are, I am concerned about my privacy. In addition, within limits, I want the government to do what I cannot do for myself. I cannot raise an army, nor can I provide food stamps to unfed people, prevent old age poverty, or live in a free market health care system that is broken. We need the army, social security, and Obamacare. We also need protection from terrorists. If a terrorist smuggles a bomb onto a plane, for Gods sake, does it make any difference from what country he has a citizenship. Terrorist recruit American Citizens to be terrorist because the “big bad government” cannot listen to their phone calls or read their e-mails unless the government suspects them of a crime. The objective of all of this is to entice people hate their government for a reason. The big bad government is “us”: we the people. However, why would anyone want us to indulge in self loathing—there is a reason you are being dragged around by your nose.

This wave of government hate fueled by Republicans and the TEA Party hate machines is turning out to be a costly play to grab political power. It is costing us our freedom to walk our streets safely. The people who see themselves as the economic elite fuel these sentiments. They want to destroy government and free themselves of the rule of law: so they are “free” to lie, cheat, and steal. In their party platform, they call it deregulation and dress it up in appealing catch phrases such as “restore individual freedom”, “no more taxes”, and “get our country back”.

They support Snowden and the individual’s right to be free from government tyranny or “snooping” if he or she is an American Citizen; however, what they mean by individual freedom is something different from what you and I think of as an individual’s freedom. Corporations seem not to care if the Taliban proclaim a special holiday to honor Snowden and Greenwald—as they should—for teaching them to recruit American citizens to do their mischief free from surveillance as long s they are free do their biding. The world is flat; sovereign boundaries are having less and less meaning. A domestic airplane blown up here and there is important to them but is nothing compare to profits the economic elite could gain if they could get the individual voter to hate the government so much that 330,000,000 people would allow an few economic dictators, the 1%, to control the United States Government. OOPs, I almost forgot that is what the Supreme Court did with their Citizens United decision. Forget about Snowden, he is only one more “little” thing that helps them achieve their goal of getting people to hate their government so much they will turn it over to them. The tragedy is that they are using ignorant TV personalities help them, que ser, sera!

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