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From time to time, someone posts something on Facebook that really bothers me. Yesterday was one of those times. The following was posted; actually the person re-posted it. It appears to have been originated Worldtruth.TV.

As you can see, the post was a picture of a massive crowd attending a tally in Nazi Germany with the inserted text, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”. The circumstance surrounding the post, as the comments tend to show, was that President Obama is a Hitler and his liberal supporters, like me, are Nazis.


Insert a MENTAL picture of Nazi rally with swastika like we have all seen. 

WorldTruth.TV with XXXX  and 13 others
A public service announcement (sec) from your friends at WorldTruth.
XXXX The good difference between Nazi Germany and Obama's America is that a lot of us won't go quietly to the train cars and nobody I've talked to who are armed will be giving up their guns.
23 hrs · 1
XXXX Yes, I have studied WWII since I was eight or so, that was the main

This FaceBook PAGE is well beyond reasonable. I  searched the internet for WorldTruth.TV, the apparent source and, as expected, the web page is a one-person hate operation to promote the Republican Right with an exaggerated claim to a religious foundation and social and patriotic righteousness[ no evidence of source of financial support. It is sufficiently distant from the Republican National Committee that they can claim they do not support or endorse it in any way that web site.   

I was just a child when our advancing military opened the gates to several “death camps” in Germany and Poland; those ghastly images have not only burned in my memories but have guided my political beliefs. Even as a child, I understood a political party had separated groups of people for persecution followed by extermination—I did not understand why. Those groups included those who were Jews, Gypsies, mentally infirm and those with Slavic ancestor: anyone who is somehow different measure against some ideal of perfection . . . xenophobia. Thus, it was an “Aryan” effort to take their country back from those they described as undesirables; establish a hierarchy dominance with them at the top. If you can show you hate such people, it shows you are loyal to this new ideal. The more intense your hate, the more loyal you are the more Aryan you are. When an Aryan group gains power over people, they develop a sense of moral righteousness, a sense of belonging, and a sense of power tantamount to belong to a church—you and your other fellow church members are the only ones “good enough” to go to heaven. On the flip side, exclusive membership means you will not be persecuted and eventually gassed and burned in an oven; the church equivalent to burning in a “lake of fire”.  

The people who posted this message on FaceBook are telling you that if you are not a Republican; if you are not one of them you are “stupid”; you do not belong to their “in-group”. Once we know who is included then you can identify these excluded from among the elite; that is those outside the right wing moral group; those who it is OK to discriminate against and to prosecuted. Start with black people. How do we all know they have singled out this group? They want to suppress voting across the entire old plantation southern states. Also, they target all poor people who are poor because they are lazy, which we know they singled out because of GOP suppression of voters in urban areas across the nation. In addition, by the things say and do, we know they do not support such things as paying taxes, public educations, and environmental protection; if you do, you are excluded. The failure of the Republican controlled House of Representatives to pass immigration laws tells us that they target Latinos as well. In addition, in an act of male domination they are putting women in their place by restricting availability of contraception and abortion services. All of these things are their 2014 version of the Nazi ovens of 60 short years ago.

I hope those of us who lived during those years remember that every big manufacturing company secretly supported the Nazi movement but none were publically identified as being Nazi. Their support and big donations to the party were secret; thus, they stood apart from all the nasty stuff with clean hands, while they made big money manufacturing war equipment: bombers, guns, airplanes, and ships. The Republican Party, by stacking the Supreme Court, and using myriad political operatives, such as Karl Rove has perfected the 2014 equivalent of that propaganda machine; they call it “Citizens United”. By secret donations, industrialists support the daily individually run hate generating machines we see evidence of everyday on FaceBook and in the  pages of such yellow journals as WorldTruth.TV, Bob Livingston Press, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh talk radio, Drudge Report, etc not to mention seeing the same thing repeated in Rupert owned newspapers, and on Fox news. However, as in Germany, never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups; even under the guise of what had once been a respected political party name.   

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